G4 Play lacks coverage the X has?


We now have the 1st gen. Moto X but if we want to buy the G4 Play it says no coverage @ our zip code 04422.

We HAVE coverage with the Moto X so why not with the G4 Play?

So this tells me upgrading and paying for new phones we lose service coverage? What gives?

What about the Ascend 5W?


Hi @a6274031-cd23-41a5-af2c-f88dcd88a718,

Republic’s coverage check tool is telling you neither of Republic’s cellular carrier partners has native coverage in your area. It’s all roaming coverage. That said, as an existing member, purchasing the G4 Play will produce the same coverage you enjoy now on your Moto X1. If that coverage is working for you, I suggest going ahead and ordering the G4 Play from Republic.

I suggest staying away from the Huawei Ascend 5W, any other phone listed as working only with Republic’s GSM network partner or Republic’s bring your own phone program. More on coverage here: Republic Wireless Coverage.

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