G4 Unlocked for both CDMA or GSM?

If the Moto G4 phones bought from Republic Wireless are unlocked why do I hear of RW shipping CDMA or GSM phones? I was my understaning that if a phone is unlocked that it can be used on any carrier (with proper SIM installed). For instance I see on the internet that the G4 can be used on Sprint (CDMA) or T-mobile (GSM) - same phone. What’s the deal?

The G4 does have both CDMA/GSM radios. It can be used with all four of the national carriers. When you get it from Republic it has the possibility of being shipped activated with either their GSM partner or CDMA partner. Right now the default is GSM and in certain cases, if the GSM coverage in your area is poor, but CDMA is good, you may get the CDMA carrier. There is no switching back and forth.

So if I understand you correctly, the G4 is unlocked only for GSM or CDMA carriers (depending on what RW shipped to you). I would assume that applies to other G4 ‘unlocked’ phones bought from someone else. In other words, if a person bought a G4 unlocked phone it would be either unlocked for GSM carriers or CDMA carriers but not both.

Nope, that’s not it.

The phone is always and completely unlocked.

When shipped from Republic, you receive a SIM that will ACTIVATE it on either the CDMA partner or GSM partner. It remains fully unlocked.

When you buy from a 3rd party, it is also completely unlocked. The G4 bought from Republic is identical to the one bought elsewhere.

Seems odd since I have a G4 from RW that is GSM and I’m being told to return it to swap for CDMA G4 phone. If it’s simply replacing a SIM card, why not just send me a CDMA SIM?

Republic does not currently have the ability to issue a CDMA “BYOP” SIM. It has nothing to do with the phone but instead with Republic’s activation capabilities.

That helped. I assume it’s the same whether it’s GSM or CDMA on the G4. Thanks

Again, nope. They can ship GSM BYOP SIMs all day long. In fact you can get them here: Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless or here: https://www.amazon.com/Republic-Wireless-Starter-Prepaid-Carrier/dp/B01J63NYAO

Looks like RW only has an issue with configuring CDMA phones on 3.0 plan.

This is correct. They:

  1. Haven’t formally launched the product, only a “soft-launch” so far.

  2. Haven’t even said if there will be BYOP on CDMA

The technicals of CDMA activation are more difficult because service is tied to the phone MEID itself, rather than the SIM. Modern CDMA service is actually a CDMA/GSM hybrid as the LTE portion of the service is really GSM based (hence the SIM).

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