G4 Update screw up!

Hello fellow RW customers,

How many of you are having issues since RW rolled out it’s G4 update? Updates usually are to be tested by the carrier BEFORE release. This most recent update was apparently not checked since now the G4 is experiencing problems with connecting to Wi-Fi. I have had to shut off my cellular data in order to avoid excessive data usage. (I only have 1gb per month) This does not seem to be a big issue for RW but it may affect hundreds or thousands of customers who will get a surprise next month when they are billed for going over data allowances due to RW negligence. I’ll be watching the “Community” page on the RW site but you can also email me [redacted]

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unlock phones updates are done by the OEM (in the Moto G4 case Motorola/Lenovo) and no carrier gets to run the test with it Republic has no say in the update and as they are out of the ROM

Republic does run test to make sure the phone will work on Republic networks but it’s not an full WiFi functionality test and once approved they do not approve of updates they will happen whenever the OEM sends them

Updates usually are to be tested by the carrier BEFORE release.

That’s very true for carrier customized software releases. The phones Republic Wireless is now selling are US retail versions (they do not contain carrier customized software). The updates come directly from the phone manufacturer.

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