G5+ keyboard slow on phone wake-up

What phone do you have? G5+ 64Gig
What plan are you on?
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? 1 Gig

Issue Description

Whenever I access an app that uses the keyboard (Anywhere, Keep, etc) I often put the phone to sleep (power button) and come back later. Historically I wake up the phone, fingerprint in, and start typing again - for instance if I send a text, shove in my pocket, receive a text, and want to reply.

Recently when replying after the first time accessing the app, the keyboard works but is so slow to respond that I easily get way ahead of it. Within a few characters I’m so far ahead that it thinks I’m trying to triple-tap into super duper magnification mode.

The only solution is to exit the app and open it again from scratch. Every. Single. Time. This is super duper annoying.

I can’t determine if any changes to the phone caused it. It may have been around one of the system updates a few weeks ago but I don’t recall anything special happening to cause this.

I have un-installed and re-installed each app and my system updates are current.

Android 7.0

  • Start by doing a Clear Cache for both the System and Applications … link provides the instructions
  • If condition continues, then boot phone in Safe Mode to help eliminate a 3rd party app as the cause of problem … read the notes in the instruction as the RW app will not be available for your particular model of phone

Besides what’s been suggested… Do you need the Magnification gesture to be enabled? Have you tried disabling it at least temporarily? Does your keyboard app need to be updated? Have you tried using another one?


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Thank you jben.

I cleared both caches without success.
I started the phone in safe mode and used the native messaging app to do the test - it failed the same way as soon as I re-woke the phone.


I do use the super duper magnification mode sometimes, but the issue is really that each keypress actually registers nearly a second after pressing it. It would take me minutes to write a short test slowly enough for it to keep up. It’s not subtle.
I did update the keyboard app and used both the native app and GBoard which I prefer.

Keep the ideas coming!

Restarting the phone takes it out if safe mode. Did it work fine when you put it in safe mode?

Sorry that wasn’t clear. It failed the same way in safe mode.

I used the native messaging app while in safe mode and the keyboard worked fine upon opening the app the first time, but not after letting the screen go dark for a minute and waking it back up. It acted just the same in safe mode as in normal mode…

I couldn’t use Anywhere nor Keep (my most used apps) for the test because they weren’t available in safe mode (they are downloaded apps).

The next thing I would do is to remove updates to the G-Board and restart the phone and then reinstall updates

Thanks everyone for the replies. I have done each of the requested actions and still experience the same issue, even in safe mode.

The safe mode thing is what really gets me. I could see an offending app like messenger or something causing this but in safe mode it seems like it should be clean.

Is there something that could be hammering the processor on wake-up?

Any further suggestions? Might there be something hardware related that I need to take up with Lenovo? It sure seems like it’s software related but…

Thanks again,


I wouldn’t say this is a hardware issue as if the phone was defective. It could just be a limitation of the processor. As I’m answering this I’m testing your observation on my phone.

Results on my phone (S7 Edge): Did not experience any lag in keyboard app. Left the keyboard up and turned off screen. Waited a minute or so and opened the phone with a password. Texting app was still active, but keyboard was closed. Attempted to use keyboard and it responded just fine, no lag.

Even though this is purely empirical, I suspect two things:

  1. Processor on G5+ can’t handle this scenario.

  2. Settings on my phone do not permit the phone to keep the keyboard active.

Now to run the test using fingerprint. Results:

No lag time on keyboard. Once again keyboard was closed upon unlocking the phone with fingerprint.

Last test, changed setting on phone, so keyboard is allowed to run and used fingerprint to open phone.

Results: Unlocked phone with fingerprint and keyboard was not open in texting app. No lag in keyboard.

As you can see I’ve tried an assortment of scenarios to attempt to duplicate your problem on a Samsung phone. In my circumstances the keyboard will not stay opened upon unlocking the phone. What settings are you using to keep the keyboard active upon unlocking the phone?

Safe Mode works as it prevents all your 3rd party apps from being loaded when you 1st boot up in ‘Safe Mode’ … this eliminates problems that are caused by the interactions of 1 or more active applications.
What it doesn’t do: Sometimes an app can have a ‘problem’ and overlay some of the OS or base function code. Even a 1 byte error can be a problem and the only recourse is often a Factory Reset – Republic Help
ETA: Another thought after thinking of your “is there something that could be hammering the processor on wake-up?”

  • Do you have a lot of ‘things’ that normally communicate all the time and leave them running? Stuff like Face Book etc? As Android shuts down the WiFi connections after about an hour of being idle, when you ‘wake’ the phone (pick it up so the display shows etc) it will then re-enable WiFi for all apps and this may be overwhelmed if you leave a lot of things ‘open and active’
    • Try shutting down a few/all to prove/disprove this guess

Thanks again everyone for the kind responses.

I try to keep a “clean house” in terms of open apps. Sometimes I let the number of Chrome windows creep up to 3 or 4 but I try to keep them all closed. Facebook is one of the Chrome windows (I don’t have the app) but that I try especially to keep closed.
Other apps I find hard to manage. Does clearing them out of the recent windows list close them? I’ve heard conflicting responses to this.

Given the point-in-time appearance of the issue and its extreme persistence, I am going to try the factory reset.

One question there - does Anywhere keep my text messaging history for me, or do I need to do something special to back up texts? This is the key item I’d like to keep when I do the reset, if possible. I can rebuild the rest with time.

Thanks again,


You raise an excellent question. Republic Anywhere is not intended to be a text backup solution. For that, I like this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.riteshsahu.SMSBackupRestore

Thanks again everyone for the replies.

I performed the factory reset and built the phone back up. The SMSBackupRestore app, and built in Google tools make it a much more pleasant experience than it used to be!

The keyboard has performed flawlessly since the reset, even with multiple sleeps and wakes with apps open. Of course, a lot of things are cleaner now than before, so time will tell. But for now, it’s back to its original performance which is great.



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