G5 Plus Constant Severe Battery Drain


What phone do you have? G5Plus
What plan are you on? My Choice 1 GB Plan
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data Talk & Text

My phone won’t turn on. My phone won’t charge. The battery drains quickly. My phone takes a long time to charge.
This is my wife’s phone. The battery has been draining very fast for some time now. The charge won’t last more than 3 hours. Will not even charge to 100% when turned off. Bought it in Aug 2017. She has gone through all the help tips - cleared the cache, disabled background data, there is nothing listed on the battery info that is draining the battery. She has to keep it connected to charger constantly. She has been running it in battery saver mode all the time. She forgot to put it on the charger last night and now it will not even charge or power up. I have started a ticket but no response yer.

Issue Description


I would encourage you to contact Motorola. The phone should be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty:



So I would contact Motorola and not Republic? I bought the phone from Republic.


Your warranty is provided by the manufacturer (Motorola). That is who I would contact:


  1. Chat with Motorola
  2. Call Motorola at 800-734-5870 (Mon-Fri 7AM-10PM; Sat-Sun 9AM-6PM CT)


I have a moto g5 plus and am having the same issue. If i turn off cell data my battery lasts longer but still an unusually short time. I will try deleting my republic wireless app to see if that’s the problem but what’s the point in having cell service if my service is draining my battery in an hour


We were not able to power the phone back on, nor perform a factory reset. We are getting a replacement through Motorola. Hopefully we will be able to transfer contacts and info to new pone. Thanks for the help.


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