G5 Plus from RW or outside vendor?

I’m eager to replace my Moto X 1st gen. (3+ years old and still kickin’) with a G5 Plus. Are there any good reasons to buy from RW vs. another vendor such as Best Buy (and getting the SIM card, of course)? I assume the price will be about the same, but what about getting service/replacement if something goes wrong? Thanks for any guidance.

The big advantage to getting the phone from Republic is if the BYOP coverage in your area is lousy. BYOP phones can only be activated on the GSM partner (T-Mobile) while phones bought directly from Republic can be activated on Sprint OR T-Mobile. So, if T-Mobile coverage is lousy in your area, you’ll have a bad experience with the BYOP phone.

What does the page say about BYOP (if anything) when you put your ZIP code in here: https://republicwireless.com/coverage ?

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