G6 Issues Again

Another issue has popped up with this G6 and I think it’s probably something concerning. I haven’t used the call feature much on this new phone much. When I have been on several phone calls there were issues with the volume. I thought maybe it was just where I was at the time, etc. But I was in my driveway and it happened again. The volume for me is very low and it won’t get any louder. And apparently other people cannot hear me and hang up. I think in an emergency situation, this could be a problem.

Since I bought the phone on Amazon, I called and the rep issued me a credit and a return even though it is outside the window. I am ok with the phone otherwise but after backing up/setting up and all the trouble it took, I’m dreading doing this again in such a short time.

That being said is there also any other phones I should look at since I’m probably sending this one back?

Merc Ret has done yet another number on my phone, my car and yesterday the lawnmower… sick of it!!


Hi @amyb9 - Sorry to hear about your continued Moto G6 problems. I’m an old Moto person myself and we have two G6’s that are working perfectly…knock on wood! Here are articles from the Tips & Tricks section with some things you should probably read to help with your decision –

This will give you some background on phones and which models are compatible with RW. There are probably others in the Community than can offer opinions on good phones to replace the G6.

One last question – have you tried refreshing the Republic Wireless Activation? That’s the first step recommended in the tip below.

Don’t think you need to do step 2 unless your phone is active with a CDMA SIM. Do you know if your phone has a CDMA or GSM SIM? If not, you can find out by using the following procedure –

If you have a CDMA SIM, and your phone is on Android 8 (OREO) or 9 (PIE), you will need to use the following procedure to update the data profile. Included this because I assume your G6 has the update to Android 9 PIE. Ignore this if you have a GSM SIM.

I know this is a lot of steps, but it might correct the problem without needing to replace the phone. Hope this gets you started on your search for a replacement!

Hi Freddy,

I mean, I’ve had the phone since the end of May, so yeah, guess it’s compatible with RW. And know which ones are, just don’t know if the G6 is the best or not.

I did the activation, but without being able to call anyone at this point tonight, don’t know if that changed anything.

Will hopefully be able to figure that out tomorrow.


@amyb9 - had little doubt that the phone was compatible but thanks for verifying. Included the comparison list and other compatible phones information because not everyone does much research by reading the Tips & Tricks and other resources. Certainly sounds like you’re on top of what’s on the RW site.

I did do an edit to the previous post to include some other information about updating the data profile on the phone if you’re activated on a CDMA SIM. Ignore that if you know your on a GSM SIM.

If you decide to do some shopping here’s a document with a list of RW phones currently available in their online store and a list of additional phones supported through their Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) program, but not sold in their online store.

Good luck on your search!

Ok, am doing these steps… why does every upgrade require more steps and upgrades to just do the simplest tasks… I know… don’t ask why…
I hate it… makes me crazy and this was not told to me when I got the phone.

Update Device Config is taking some time here…wonder what that means.

These are really quick steps to correct a problem if it’s related to the settings. You shouldn’t need to do this often. Just trying to save you the aggravation of backing up/setting up and all that. I’m like you and dread doing that with a new phone, especially in such a short time for you…

Fingers crossed these steps fix the problem. If not, you at least you have a backup since the Amazon rep issued you a credit and a return even though it is outside the window. This assumes the problem really is hardware. But then the real shopping starts!

Ok, so update device config never finished or never actually updated… I guess I can try again.

Both of our G6’s have GSM SIMs so we don’t have the Update Device Config option. Step 11 in the procedure says “When the update is complete, tap OK if the message does not go away shortly.” Did you ever get any type of message?

I’d just try rebooting the phone now and see how it works.

Maybe someone in the Community that has a G6 with a CDMA SIM can step in and confirm the Update Device Config process.

I did it again and it completed. I just need to make some calls and see if anything has changed.

Welp, not looking like it has worked. Phone calls were fine for a couple of days and then the volume didn’t seem to work for the ringer. I don’t know… not looking good.

So with my Amazon new purchase I see that there are other types of Moto G6’s to choose from. Do you have any thoughts on the moto 6 play or the international version… Didn’t know if I should pick something else…

Amy B

Sorry to hear you are having problems again. I’m out of ideas other than contacting Motorola. Glad you have the option of returning the G6 since the Amazon rep issued you a credit and a return even though it is outside the window. This might be your best option.

I’m probably the last one to ask about phone recommendations. We’re an old Moto family from way back and have always had good luck with them. We do keep extremely “clean” phones with a minimum of non-factory apps. This seems to help system stability and makes troubleshooting easier if there is a problem.

Buying a phone is a personal experience and varies widely based on your needs. My recommendation is to read and follow the RW phone information already provided in the previous posts to make sure you get a fully compatible phone. Reading the phone reviews on RW and other product reviews (like Amazon) also helps but is time consuming.

Good luck on your search!

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Definitely don’t get the international version, as that won’t work with RW. The G6 Play is less powerful, lower end processor, not as good camera, and is heavier, but it does have a bigger battery.

Ok cool, thank you…

Messaged Southpaw about Sim, etc… ugh, really don’t want to do this set up again, but nothing else to do I guess.

I have heard of Moto G6 having volume issues. I think it’s a quality control issue with Moto.

Honestly, my son’s Moto G6 is my last Moto purchase. I think long term it’s better to spend more on a Pixel 3a. Amazon sells it as well.

I hear you, but this has been one of those years of everything breaking. So far, after having to buy a laptop in 2018, then this year the car blew right after I registered the tag etc, then the phone started going, the lawnmower needed a part,… I have had barely any work in the last month… anyway, no money for a $350 phone. Thought the G6 would be the better phone for a good price point, but obviously not if it’s going to continue with issues. I did buy a “used like new” phone, which may have been the original problem.

I totally get it. I would probably then recommend the Moto X4. It’s older but a better processor. My daughter has one (but the Android one version) and we have had few issues with it. Some good sales in it too because its older than the G6

Hmm ok, guess I can look into that. I am a little afraid of going older though as they always age out fast and then I am back to square one.

The G6 and X4 releases were only about 6 months apart. I got my X4 soon after it came out in Nov. 2017 (my daughter uses it now) and I believe the G6 came out in Spring 2018. The G7 is the newest G line and I think they get released in late spring.

My daughter’s X4 is approaching the 2 year mark and she is pretty content with it, while the G6 is constant sore subject for my son. I wouldn’t get either phone refurbished though.

Either way, I hope your next phone is problem free!

Hi @amyb9,

Let’s try to look at this methodically.

You’re experiencing low volume in calls, and callers cannot hear you and hang up.

It happened in your driveway and other locations.

“In the driveway” can be a strange place for Republic Wireless phones because it’s often just at the fringe of your Wi-Fi network’s reach. It would be really great if you could determine whether the issue is limited to calls that are taking place on cell, calls that are taking place on Wi-Fi or whether it happens on both.
Note: To be sure about calls on Wi-Fi, you’d have to put the phone in airplane mode, then turn on Wi-Fi and make the call. Otherwise, the phone could be handing over to cell and you wouldn’t notice unless you were watching carefully. Then again, if you were watching carefully, that would be great, because you could think about whether the volume changes as the phone hands over to cell.

Do you use a Bluetooth speaker in the house to stream music?

Do you have a case or screen protector on the phone?

Do you have a voice recording app on the phone?

Could you make some calls with the phone in Safe Mode to see whether the volume is any different?

You mentioned to me that the ringer had gone silent. Could you send a screenshot? That could help us determine if the phone is in do-not-disturb mode.

With the option Amazon has given you to return the phone, if you’ve lost confidence in the phone it might just be best to return it. Otherwise if you have issues in the future, you’ll regret not taking this option.



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