G6 keeps disconnecting from wifi

What phone do you have? G6

What plan are you on? TT and 3GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Yes includes data

Issue Description


My G6 has started dropping wifi connections in my home. This began 3 days ago. I have tried turning my phone off and back on again after about 1 hour. I have used the setting menu to reconnect and be sure all wifi’s are saved.

This is very annoying and gobbling up my data. I am now working from home (like many Americans) and I have to use my phone for some business tasks.


Thanks for reading:

Hi @joker_1,

Be sure to try rebooting your router now and then. With more people home (either in the household or neighborhood) there can be network issues that can cause a single device to have trouble while others appear to stay connected.


Thank you for the suggestion. Rebooting the router won’t mess up anything … will it?

Hi @joker_1!

No. Rebooting your router will make the internet quit working for a few minutes (probably around 2 - 5 minutes). Once the reboot is finished, it will be working like normal.

  • Rebooting your router (and modem if separate) is the 1st thing that I would suggest. As the devices and their bring up time can vary it is best if you do this in a controlled sequence.
  • There are other things that are important to consider now that so many of us are sheltering in place (and hopefully at home). Getting the best that you can from your WiFi without impacting your neighbors can become a bit complex, especially now that you probably shouldn’t go next door to talk it through :frowning:
    I have made some changes to Router Tweaks this morning, some of which may seem over the top, so take a look at the 1st 3 Quick checks and then do what you can … don’t hesitate to ask for clarification as there are many of us that can help if needed

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