G6 newbie magnetic charging cables for G6


I got used to magnetic cables with my moto pure with USB-A micro. with the G6, USB-c! Do they make a new USB-c to mag cable adapter? I bought a USB-C 3 cable kit but none of them connected. is it my new phone or is it the poor cable build. to me, it looks like the cable connector isn’t pushing the electical contacts far enough forward to connect. weird! is there any of these plug in adapters that would connect to my old magnetic cords? help!


Use these with my son’s Essential Phone and they work well: https://www.ebay.com/itm/183432293092 The major downside is they only support 10W charging so you’ll lose about 1/3 of the maximum charge speed for the G6 which I believe tops out at 15W.

Edited to add: There are some on Amazon that claim to support fast charging at up to 18W like this one: https://www.amazon.com/Generation-Magnetic-Charging-Compatible-Smartphone/dp/B074TB8QGL (reviews stink). Actually, there are dozens of choices on Amazon, all with pretty lousy reviews and not from any major brands.


There connectors like this https://www.amazon.com/Magnetic-Delivery-Connector-Converter-Pixelbook/dp/B07C1PCBM3
but the magnets may not line up with the current cable you are using the best way to get a USB- TYPE-C would be to contact the brand of cables you have and see if they sell any replacement heads that are Type-C


Have been using the Wsken Mini 2 cables for over 2 years without any problem. Got multiple micro-B, lightning, and micro-c adapters that I leave plugged into the usb devices so I can use a single cable in location that I would be charging from. These are are must have if like to keep a phone, etc for a long time without wearing out the phone power connectors. These are the USB 2.0 cables, but when connected to a 2.4 power adapter, my phone will display that it is turbo-charging.

Have not bought from the above seller, but it is a good link to what I recommend. These may seem to be a little expensive since you will probably need to buy at least 2 cables, but to me, these are better than a wireless charger since they charge faster and you can still use the phone safely while plugged in.


thank you, that is basicly, what I bought from a different company thru Amazon. for some reason, not one of the three sets worked? no charge, slow or fast. did have a blue light on the plug so power was at the end. just the adapter didn’t work right. afraid to try another. But I will. thanks.


USB-C is complex in that it a design that tries to do almost too much, and gives the phone manufacturers an opportunity to sell “certified” cables at a higher premium. Read the reviews for whatever cable brand you decide on and make sure that others have successfully used it with your particular USB-C device.


MOTO G6 is so new that none of these cable makers state that they will work yet. I saw one for G5. don’t know. I guess I’ll try this and try that. I rely on the magnetic cable for dark bedrooms and the car for a one handed attachment. Thanks for your input. Still don’t know about all 7 generations of USB-C cables! have no idea what generation the G6 is.



Just wanted to confirm that the Wsken Mini 2 Type C Charging adapter does work.

Have been using it with my LG Q7+ cellphone without any problems, but it does not do the fast charge on that phone. Also works correctly when connected to my PC as a USB device.

There is no reason to suspect that the Wsken cables would not work with Moto phones.


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