G6 Phone Issues

My new G6 has done a couple of weird things as of yesterday and wondering if this should be concerning.

I was using Google maps and the destination was within a couple of blocks from where I was driving and forced me to take a right down another road obviously going away from the destination. That made no sense but when I turned back around to get there, the phone clock shifted an hour earlier. I had to manually change it back to the correct time and turn off automatic time because it wouldn’t stay in the correct time zone.

I don’t know, that’s a new one on me.

Any ideas and should I get a replacement?


Google maps often has me doing stupid things (OnStar too, for that matter). As far as the time zone, I see you’re on the CDMA carrier (Sprint). I’m on a Sprint postpaid plan with a Pixel phone. I find the time zone gets ■■■■ up too, and set the time zone manually. I think it’s a tower issue (and have reported it to Sprint). I can’t see any reason you would need a replacement phone.


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