G6 Sim card error

I have the RW CDMA card (moto 6) and live in North Carolina. We made a trip to SC this past week-end, looking to possibly move there.
I had no service MOST of the week-end (emergency calls only). I had to use my GPS a lot to find areas we are looking for. Low and behold 21 days left in my month and I have only 652 mb of data left and we need to make another trip or two there. I have been with RW since the first moto X came out and have never used 1 GB in any month! On the refund plan I always got half of my money back at the end of the month. I have personally upgraded phones at least 5 times and maybe 6.
We are planning on traveling a lot but now find we do not have a reliable phone when traveling out of state.
I suppose there is no solution but I needed to get this off my chest.

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Not saying this would solve your particular coverage problem, but GSM solved mine. When RW offered only CDMA, my cell service (also in NC) was terrible. I effectively had no phone service at home on the rare occasions Internet wasn’t available. All that cleared up once I was able to switch to GSM. My travel coverage has been much better, too.

The GSM does not work in my area where I live and shop near Hickory NC so RW sent me a CDMA card.

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Anyone else have a suggestion? Can I get a GSM card from RW? I have a very hard time getting the SIM cards in with my arthritic hands…

Hi @bonnieh.71i8en,

If you’ll share the Zip code of the area in SC where your CDMA SIM card is not providing coverage, someone in our Community can determine for you whether the GSM SIM card would have coverage.

However, it does not sound like swapping back and forth depending on where you are will be a good solution since you have trouble with arthritis.

I don’t know the zip codes but we traveled to Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, and Conway. I don’t recall because I was not paying attention to my phone until I got a message until I needed GPS and then I noticed it was Emergency Calls only. We traveled on 501, on 17 on 9. If anyone is in the area they will recognize the roads and or towns.
In NC when we go to our daughters I have no service in Locust 28097, and 28107, Oakboro 28129 until we get to her house in and I can connect to her WIFI. She has a Moto G6 too and uses a GSM card.
At home my phone is on my desk about 12 inches from my wifi and if it sets a long time, the cell signal comes up.
Our home is 96’ long and I have no wifi (too far from the router) and frequently it goes to voicemail rather then cell. I have no WIFI outside on our property, we are on 2.5 acres. My zip code is 28658. Daughters is 28128 where I will be the next 2 days. She has no wifi outside in her yard
And a times even sitting at my desk it will ring a partial ring one time and then go to voice mail, 12 inches from my router. I will not re-boot my WIFI did that one time, never again and it did not make a difference
OK so the whole point is we traveled to SC because we are thinking of moving there. We will be going to FL sometime in the next 6 weeks.

  • Using Rootmetrics coverage map, here is what they show for the Norwood/ 28128 area, as you can see this bears-out the poor performance you and others see in the area. There mapping is derived from driving the areas with multiple phones placing test calls and measuring the signal level. You could use their search (linked above) to scout out the area where you are moving to. This data is also augmented by users who have download their app
  • On your current location (WiFi), very few routers will penetrate the length of that house, and it is usually overcome by running a Cat5/6 Cable from router to the other end of the house and attaching an Access Point
  • On the Reboot of your Router, this is a normal procedure that is recommended by most Vendors, and some even provide the code to allow you to schedule a reboot at a time of your choice.
  • Going to Voicemail, and partial rings are a problem usually caused by our friends at Google/Android. It is called ‘Doze’ and it shuts off the WiFi Radio in our phones when they are not being used for a period of time.
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We did not know where were going to because we were looking for a 55+ community in SC. So I could not down load maps before we left. Daughter lives in a very tiny community and the zip code is from where she gets here mail. I will look into the links on Thursday, preparing for company.

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