G7 on backorder? :-(

Haven’t been in the Community for a loooong time! Helped my folks order a second phone (Moto G7) at the end of last week, and the one of the ordering pages specifically said the phone would ship either that day or the next. Yaaaay! Then my folks got an email from RW a day or two later saying the phone wouldn’t get there for a few weeks. Booooo!

What gives?

Hi @nathanh,

The anticipated order was not received at our fulfillment center, something our logistics team is looking into.

If your parents’ order is still in a “backordered” state, it can be canceled, and you can buy the same phone from another vendor that has it in stock.

For example, Motorola currently has a nice offer on the G7 at https://www.motorola.com/us/products/moto-g-gen-7#buy.


Gotcha. OK, I’ll see what they want to do. Thanks @southpaw!

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I’m ok to wait 1-2 weeks for my backorder phone but why do I have to pick between overnight or 2 day shipping ??

Hi @robertov.ywnlvr,

When the least expensive option is 2-day shipping, generally, it means Republic’s shipping partner (FedEX) doesn’t offer slower options for a sufficiently reduced price to make offering them worthwhile.

Backorder status doesn’t impact shipping time. When the store says backordered 1-2 weeks that’s not the total time to reach you. It means 1-2 weeks before the backordered item leaves the warehouse plus the number of days attached to the selected shipping option.

Finally, the 1-2 week estimate before shipment is the worst case scenario. Your new G7 may very well ship sooner than that. Our current information is new stock is expected to arrive early this coming week. One might ask why offer a worst case scenario then? Unfortunately, expectations don’t always align with reality and occasionally new stock doesn’t arrive exactly when expected.

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