Gain Your Financial Freedom - No Cell Phone Contract Necessary

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As we put away Fourth of July sparklers and finish celebrating our nation’s independence this week, we’re thinking about freedom of another kind: financial freedom. Financial freedom means you have the power to spend money on the things you need and save on the things you don’t. Small steps can be taken every day to move you and your family closer to your financial goals–and identifying places in your budget where you currently pay for more than you need is an easy step. The first thing that comes to mind? Standard phone contracts. Here are a few reasons why we…


This article fails to properly address the Annual Payment Option and many of the claims made within and through its external links are not true in regards to the Annual Payment Option.

The Annual Payment Option’s terms are placed towards the bottom of a page in Fine Print and/or after several pages of reading. If Republic feels that this option and it’s terms are fair and within their advertising claims then there should be no need to use the same misleading tactics that it’s competitors use.

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