Galaxy 10e occasionally won't change from mute to unmute when calling

What phone do you have? Samsung Galaxy 10e

What plan are you on? 1 Gb per month

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? yest

Issue Description

Occasionally not always when I dial a number my Galaxy 10e phone will change from mute to unmuted when the number starts ringing. As a result neither myself or the person I can hear one another. I have verified with the person that I am calling that he/she can NOT hear either. I have repeated restarted my 10e with no change.

The problem most often occurs after I have made 5 or 6 calls when 20 minutes or less.

Email redacted to protect privacy

Hi @frankn.71j7m2,

Are you actually seeing the “mute” icon on the call screen active? This seems odd to me because having the phone on “mute” doesn’t affect whether or not you can hear the other person. “Mute” just kills the outbound audio from your phone (your mic). What you’re describing, where neither party can hear, sounds more like there’s a complete failure of the audio being sent in both directions.

I’m not saying that to suggest “audio failure” is somehow better than “phone won’t unmute”, I just want to be sure we’re troubleshooting the right thing.

Here are some things to think about when this issue is happening:

  1. What happens if you switch to speakerphone?
  2. Is Bluetooth on? What happens if you turn it off?
  3. Is this consistently happening on WiFi calls, and if so, does it only happen on a specific WiFi network?

Here are some things you can look into before it happens again:

  1. Do you have any recording apps on the phone?
  2. Do you have any of these sorts of apps on the phone? What Types of Apps Can Cause Issues with My Phone's Performance? – Republic Help

Hi @frankn.71j7m2,

It has been about a week since you posted your question about the audio on your Samsung Galaxy phone. Have you been able to figure out the problem? Did you want to continue to troubleshoot with our Community?


Thank you for being persistent.

I am on vacation since I sent my concern, but I have not yet solved my problem. So I will be available to respond intermittently. We are babysitting our 2 year grand daughter now through the 4th of July.

At your suggestion I turned off the Bluetooth which I don’t use, but the problem persists. So I am quite willing to try any other suggestions.

Frank [redacted for privacy]

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