Galaxy 8 music is horrid

What phone do you have? Samsung Galaxy 8
What plan are you on? Clearchoice
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data, Text,Talk

Issue Description

Bought phone about 3 weeks ago, music was great. Last week music got staticy and spiky, generally terrible! I was using new ear buds that worked great BUt I blamed them, I had another set and they were just as awful, so I had ANOTHER set and they also were awful!
I “reset” the phone 2 times this weekend hoping to fix the problem but today it was just as bad.
I use Amazon music, Google music and VLC audio but all were terrible.
Phone needs to be tossed?

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Hi @kevinl.d1k7kz,

For Samsung phones you will also want to contact their support, as they manage all their own warranty claims.

When you reset the phone, did you test it without re-installing any third-party apps?

Same results on the phone’s lousy speaker? Have you tried to pair with a Bluetooth speaker or buds to see if results the same.

I have not because the earbuds I used were less then 2 weeks old, the 2nd
set were brand new never opened and the 3rd set were my everyday ones that
works excellent on my TV but not on the S8.

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I just had a problem with the support ticket system too.

Sounds like you wired buds are in good working order.

Do you have a case installed that could prevent the plug from being fully inserted into the jack?

Reason for my questions, it’s basic phone troubleshooting and may be easier/quicker for some to do than focusing on possible app/software issues.

  1. Support will ask the same to help determine what’s causing your issue.
  2. It’s possible the problem is with the phone headphone jack or circuitry to it. If phone’s speaker and Bluetooth buds/speaker good it would point to a jack problem.

I only use bluetooth devices. I don’t use the jack
I just played it w/o buds and it sounds OK through the phones speakers.

Thanks for your update and it does sound more like a Bluetooth issue.

If you end up having to deal with Samsung for the fix somebody here can point you in the right direction to ensure smooth sailing.

PLEASE do advise how to deal with Samsung, I am now pretty sure it is a
bluetooth problem.

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You can use the Samsung + app on your phone to reach out to Samsung help support.

Go to your app drawer and find the Samsung app bundle. The Samsung + app is in there.


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