Galaxy a10e not good

Hello I haven’t even paid off my Galaxy a10e and find that it is way to slow opening and closing and general multitasking between apps. What can I do it’s the first time I consider refund or anything of that matter please help

If you are still within the 14 day money back guarantee you can return the phone to Republic for a full refund. (if the phone is undamaged and you have the original accessories still).

Hi @flywme,

Did you want help troubleshooting what you’re experiencing? If so, please tell us more about what kinds of apps you’re multitasking with, and what kind of phone you’ve had in the past that you’re comparing the A10e against.

You may want to clear the Android system cache … please follow the instruction here: How to Clear the Android System Cache on Samsung Galaxy Phones – Republic Help

  • This process will not delete your files or settings.

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