Galaxy A11 and App version

My Galaxy A11 Republic App Version is Does that mean that my phone is a Republic Wireless 3.0 supported phone? Sim type is CDMA.

Yes, all Republic Wireless 3.0 phones are supported by 3.xx releases of the Republic Wireless App
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Hi @timothye.h9wnn9 and welcome to the Community!

Is there a particular reason you wished to confirm your Samsung Galaxy A11 is indeed a Republic 3.0 phone?

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Trying to determine if my phone is unlocked. From Help Center: all Republic Wireless 3.0 supported phones are fully unlocked.

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Hi @timothye.h9wnn9,

You are correct sir. All phones sold at Republic’s online store since August of 2016 are 3.0 phones and factory unlocked.

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