Galaxy A51 5G supported?

The Galaxy A51 5G US version is on sale at Amazon right now… I don’t care about the 5G part, but I do care that it has 6GB of ram. The normal A51 US version only has 4GB of ram (the international versions can have up to 8GB, but RW doesn’t support those for whatever reason).

So will the Galaxy A51 5G US version work on RW? SM-A516UZKAXAA. It’s not on the model # list so I’m guessing not.

Hi @maniac,

Until and unless Republic adds the model number to its roster of supported phones, the answer is no. I will say the manufacturer’s part number (MPN) SM-A516UZKAXAA suggests a factory unlocked phone. My opinion (and that’s all it is) is there’s a reasonably good chance Republic would eventually add the 5G variant of Samsung’s Galaxy A51, however, time will tell on that.

OK, thanks! I wish RW were more permissive with the phones it allows.

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