Galaxy Flip Phone

Will you be getting the Samsung Galaxy Z flip phone?

Hi @janetr.ntkmax - I’m just another member with no inside track on RW plans. RW doesn’t really share future plans. Updates are posted as announcements here:

You can also use the “Notify” button at the top of the #news page to make sure you are notified when something new is posted in the category.

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Anything else I say would be conjecture mixed with some hope. Don’t know if anyone else has anything to share. They will certainly jump in if they do

I’ll tamp down expectations here. Generally, when Republic adds a phone, they do it pretty close to when the phone is released. I can’t think of a phone that was added months after the release of the manufacturer other than the OnePlus phones. Given Republic’s pre-established relationship with Samsung, I would guess that the phone would have been added 9 months ago when the phone came out. The Galaxy Z Flip 2 is due some time in 2021, who knows with that phone…

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