Galaxy J3 wont move app icons


I just got a Galaxy J3, and I am trying to get the “Anywhere” Icon to move to the 1st/startup home page. I deleted the “Messages” Icon that is on the home page, and it left a blank Icon with an X in it. How do I replace the blank one with the Anywhere Icon?

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Typically, you would touch and hold the icon you want to move. Once you feel the haptic feedback at your fingertip, the icon can be moved. To move it to a different screen, slide the icon all the way in the direction of the desired screen (left or right).

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Beachb… thanks for your input. I have tried holding down the icon for up to 10 to 15 seconds, and move it to the next/left screen. It will either open the “Anywhere” app, or do nothing. I don’t know what the term “haptic feedback” means?? I’m as old as a rock, and not up to speed on this new age language!! LOL


Haptic is a vibration felt whe an icon or key is touched. That may or may not be enabled on your phone.

Will the icon move at all while holding it?

As beachb said icons typically can be dragged from page to page. If there’s a full page of icons between home and page icon is residing you may need to move an icon to make room for the Anywhere icon. Then proceed to move to your home page.

Please keep the questions coming until you get it moved.


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Just so you know, you can also drop icons on top of each other to create a group of apps under one icon. For example, I put all of my regularly used Google apps under one Home screen icon. I have three different security camera apps that are also grouped under one screen icon. When you tap that screen icon, it shows you all the apps in that group and you just tap the one you want to run.

That info may not be directly applicable to your original question, but, it’s good information to know if you have many icons on your Home screen.

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