Galaxy Note 8 ATT Wifi Compat


Evidently, the unlocked version of the Galaxy Note 8 (bought from Samsung) will not connect to ATT’s wifi service (according to Samsung). I know that RW uses ATT and Verizon cell towers when available and that the wifi used will be my home (or point of opportunity)… so will this issue of non-connectivity be applicable? Thanks…TR


I’m not sure why the Note 8 would not connect to a AT&T WiFi (WiFi is WiFi it should not matter who provides it, as long as there an public access (term of use agreement, post WiFi password) any phone should be able to connect)

Also not That Republic currently uses Sprint as its CDMA partner and its GSM Partner is T-Mobile (and the Note is currently a GSM only phone for Republic at this time)
It may roam to Verizon or AT&T towers but it’s not guaranteed as all roaming is agreed to on a local level


Republic uses neither Verizon nor AT&T as a partner. In addition, the wifi calling Technology is their own, and has nothing to do with the carrier’s technology. All Republic phones, have WiFi calling on Republic.


Thank you for the response