Galaxy Note 9 - Limiting data use without affecting call quality


I’m having a lot of "Can you hear me now? " conversations in my home where I have wi-fi. How can I have better call quality?


Usually problems that are limited to WiFi in our homes can be attributed to our WiFi.
Essentially ‘good’ WiFi is more than just speed or a connection to our router.


Hi @lizcapell,
Have you had any luck resolving this problem?


I haven’t been talking in the phone as much lately (busy busy busy) but I am still having a few problems. It seems till be more with calling out. I’ll try calling places that I know are open like my child’s school, and be unable to get through until i try 4 or 5 times. Sometimes they hear me but I can’t hear them. This has usually been when in my car. Not sure if maybe it’s a settings problem. I turned off many apps access to data, but pretty sure i left republic alone.


Hi @lizcapell

Does this mean you’re using the car’s Bluetooth system at the time?

How does “unable to get through” play out? It seems to dial but never rings?

That’s worth checking and being sure you’re sure, instead of just pretty sure.


Not hooked to a car’s bluetooth system. Sometimes a call takes a full minute or two to begin ringing, sometimes it rings 4 or 5 times, pauses for 10 seconds and then rings a few more times. Sometimes it sounds like someone has picked up when the ringing stops
but i can’t hear them and when i call back, they say they could hear me on that previous call. None of these things happen consistently. I did recheck my settings and my republic app has unrestricted access to data at all times. I will keep a log when i have
trouble for the next month so I can be more specific. I want to make this work! Tired of overpriced cell phones plans!


Thanks @lizcapell, for your interest in making it work.

As you keep a log, try to note whether the phone was on Wi-Fi or cell at the time, and what the exact symptoms are. I notice that you started out mentioning the problem was happening at home, but then mentioned it happens a lot in your car.
We troubleshoot Wi-Fi issues and cellular issues differently, so it would be good to narrow down whether perhaps we’re looking at two different issues, then troubleshoot each one independently.

Would you mind telling the Community your Zip code and then check the Republic Wireless app using the instructions below to tell us what kind of SIM card is installed?


My zip code is 83301 and my SIM is a GSM. Thank you for all the prompt help. I’ll post again when I have isolated better the specifics of my problems.