Galaxy S6 Caller can't hear me

I have been having this problem for over a month. I opened a ticket 2 weeks ago and just today they recognized there is a problem and that I am not a crazy customer(Which they have been treating as)

Tim (Republic Help)

Mar 31, 10:23 AM EDT

Hi Kevin,
We understand that the issue hasn’t been addressed by replacing the SIM card. Others still cannot hear you when they call to your number. Other members with this same phone have also expressed this issue in the past few days, and we’re looking to determine the cause of this. We do apologize as we didn’t realize others were seeing this issue until yesterday.
**Even though the phone is not active at this time, we’ll want to check something on the device. **Could you do the following on the affected phone so that we could confirm the software version of the device:

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ app.
  • Select “About device.”
  • Scroll down so that “Baseband version” is visible. We’ll need a screenshot of this.
  • To take a screenshot, please follow the appropriate instructions for your device type:
    • Samsung: You can capture a screenshot by simultaneously pressing the Home key and the Power/Lock key for 1 to 2 seconds.
  • Please attach these screenshots to your next reply.

Still don’t have a fix. Lucky I have another phone that I can switch to so I can receive calls from my customers.

I have found support to be difficult and unresponsive.

Trying to decide what to do, anyone have similar problems or better results?

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Republic (and other support organizations) continually monitor the data to determine any ‘trends’ or ‘heavy hitters’ … from the wording in the update they provided you, it appears that your problem has been recognized and they are still gathering data as they work towards a solution.

  • I hope that you could provide the information that Republic requested … it may not help you if you decide to move on, but it will certainly be beneficial to other users.

Wow!. That is an awesome tip @elc.hudpio/

I would not suggest that unless Samsung directed me to, but then again, cool tip. :relaxed:…(pardon the ‘pun’).

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I have just purchased a Moto G6 and having the same problem. Callers cannot hear me most of the time. I have worked with two experts and done many procedures, but same result. I was also told to reset my PRL, but cannot find that. They say to go to Settings, More (I don’t have that option), Cellular Networks (don’t see that anywhere), Carrier settings (can’t find this), then touch Update (never get there). I have had the phone for about 3 weeks, so too late to send it back. Very frustrated. May just have to report to New York State Attorney General. Darryl

As you don’t appear to have a Galaxy S6 you may want to create a discussion for your particular problem
Use the ‘Ask your Question’ that can be found top right
Fully describe the problem as best you can and hopefully by working with the community members you can figure out what the problem is

Thanks will do

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Message an
Expert customer