Galaxy S7 G930A Switching Between Activated and Unsupported


Hello all, I’m trying to switch from my Moto E to a Galaxy S7 that I bought off of Amazon. Now, I know it was an AT&T phone by the model number (G930A), but it is supposed to have the GSM unlocked so I can use it with any carrier. I put the SIM card in, downloaded the Republic app, and let it sit for a while. Now if I go to the app to switch phones in my account, it will switch between saying “activation is complete” and “phone unsupported”. Any way I can get this phone working? Or does it absolutely have to be the G930U model? Thanks!


It absolutely has to be a G930U model.


Shoot. Was afraid of that. Time to send it back. Thank you!


just adding official supported phones with models numbers and in some case build numbers


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