Galaxy S7 not receiving non-RW SMS or MMS

I have a Galaxy S7 with the 3.0 plan and 3GB of data. Starting yesterday I have not been able to receive SMS or MMS messages from any non-RW phones. I received messages from two different people with RW, but at least two people with non-RW service tried sending me messages and I never received them.

I use Textra for messaging, but I also tried installing the Republic Anywhere app on my laptop and when it downloaded all my messages it included the previously mentioned RW messages and did not have the non-RW messages, which makes me think the problem is with the service and not with the phone (I have had issues in the past with this phone and SMS/MMS, so whenever I turn the phone off I have to do a restart or it won’t receive anything).

Welcome to the community Allen. Let’s try and figure out if these messages are ever making it to Republic. When you look here: View Calls & Messages | Republic Wireless do you see the text messages listed? (Remembering that the log is in UTC –

Yup, that’s definitely showing text messages that I should have received.

OK, so the “good” news is that means the messages are getting to Republic, so now we need to figure out why they’re not getting to the phone. Since Republic’s currently support solution is the Google Messages App, can you install that and make it default and try for a while?

Ok, I set that as my default, and had someone send me some text messages. Unfortunately, I did not receive any of them.

Do those test messages appear in the account portal and/or did they show up on the laptop with Anywhere?

The test messages only show up in the account portal. Anywhere on my laptop shows the same messages that appear on my phone.

Hi @allens.kxvbj1,

@louisdi asked you to test at 11:24 a.m. ET and you replied at 12:23 p.m. ET that you had done so. I should be seeing inbound text messages on your account between 3:24 p.m. at 4:23 p.m. UTC, but I don’t.

Could you tell me the timestamp and the last four digits of the phone number for these messages you’re seeing in the account portal?

If you’d rather not get into such detail in a public forum, please open a ticket so our Help team can look into the matter. I’m just not certain the text messages are even reaching our servers. It also might be very helpful if our help team looked into whether a different SIM card would improve your overall experience.

That is weird… I’m having the other person send me another batch of texts, because I’m not seeing the texts from that time period either. The timestamp for the one I thought was during that time period was at 10:44AM UTC. My last four digits are 5800.

Thanks for looking into this! I did open up a ticket as soon as I opened this thread. Ticket is #1626868

Ok, I just got some people to send me test messages. Only two of the five people’s messages were received, and only those two people’s messages showed up in the View Messages log on my account (the two ending in 2465 and 2624, both RW customers). Missing ending numbers 6306 (iPhone on Visible), 5358 (Android on ATT), and 8734 (Android on Verizon). Received messages are in the log from 8:34PM and 8:37PM, but an hour before that there should be the missing messages.

Hope that helps!

I can’t say that it helps, but it is far more consistent with what we’d expect - if a message is being received by our server and shows up in the Account portal, it would be incredibly unusual for it not to be delivered by Republic Anywhere on a computer.

I’ll add some notes in your ticket and see if we can get the team pointed in the right direction with this new information.

p.s. - I’ve sent you a text test myself, from a non-RW phone. Please let me know whether you receive it.

That makes sense. I did not receive the text :frowning:

Thanks @allens.kxvbj1,

I’ve updated your ticket with some notes letting the team know my test text also failed to reach you and does not show up in your account records. It looks like they have a good grasp of the issue now. The solution may take some time, because when text messages are not even reaching our servers, it means the issue lies somewhere beyond us, with another company involved in routing traffic to our servers. The last case I saw similar to yours, the company just beyond us had to reach out to the company just beyond them, who had to reach out to the company just beyond them…

Did this just happen out of the blue, or has there been some change on your account recently? For example, you haven’t recently changed your phone number or swapped phones or SIM cards have you?

Whew, that sounds like a mess!

This was literally something that happened (I think) overnight. I was texting with one person Friday night, then on Saturday I texted her and never received any response until she send me a message through Words with Friends saying she had sent a ton of messages and figured I wasn’t receiving them. There has been an ongoing problem where if I don’t restart my phone after turning it off and back on (I turn my phone off at work everyday), then I won’t receive any text messages. It’s been going pretty much as long as I’ve had this phone (Galaxy S7, about 2.5 years). My sister also has an S7 with RW, and she also has occasional problems with SMS (she just uses FB Messager instead). Every other time I’ve had this problem, though, a restart will cause all the missed messages to come pouring in.

I’ve had the same phone number for about ten years, and the same SIM card since I got this phone (bought the phone unlocked through Best Buy, then got the SIM kit from RW).

Hi @allens.kxvbj1,

It’s been a while since we last heard from you, and I wanted to check in and make sure this issue was resolved. I’ve reviewed your ticket and it looks like the issue required a change on the back-end. Is texting working for you now?

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Ah, sorry! I was working through things on the ticket back when it was an issue, then they changed something on the back-end and everything has been working perfectly since then!



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