Galaxy S8+ SM-G955UZKAXAG support?

I’m considering coming back to Republic Wireless but I need to make sure the phone I want is compatible.

I found the forum thread saying that SM-G955UZKAXAA is a supported model number, but the model I’m looking at buying is SM-G955UZKAXAG (note the G on the end rather than A). From my understanding it is Unlocked but this model number is slightly different.

Can anyone confirm for me if this model number of galaxy S8+ will work on republic?

Are you sure that’s the version? Where are you finding it? As far as I know, there is no “XAG” version.


I’m not finding any reference to this number and where it would be build for
my gut is saying it’s a type-o

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Thanks for the response.
Check this sellers listing, and the 2nd photo shows a serial number with that:

I wouldn’t chance it. Not because it might not work with Republic, but because when a google search returns 0 results, that’s a bad sign.


Good point, it does seem a bit fishy. Thank you for taking the time to look at it for me, I’ll probably look elsewhere for a phone!


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