Galaxy s9 plus will not receive pictures on mms

What phone do you have?
Galaxy s9 plus
What plan are you on?
Talk text and data
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Includes all

Issue Description

@normap.zqhvrj one of my first troubleshooting steps is to reboot the phone. Have you tried rebooting? A reboot often clears problems.

What messaging app are you using?

Were you able to receive pictures on MMS before and it just recently stopped?

99% of the time when we see this on a Samsung device it is because you haven’t switched from using the Samsung Messaging App. That app hasn’t been updated to the standards of the last couple of years and therefore doesn’t work with Republic. If you download Google Messages and use it instead you should find that the issue is resolved.


Thank you for responding. I had rebooted the new phone, it had never received pictures. With fresh eyes this morning I discovered that she was using the Samsung messaging app, not the one I downloaded with the Republic software.

Again, thank you for your time…


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