Galaxy Watch 3 can I use with RW along with my service?

I have a Moto G stylus 2021 so far happy with it. My question is, can I purchase a samsung Galaxy watch 3 and use it alone with my service with RW? Thank you Cynthia

Hi Cyn, The Bluetooth version of the watch will work fine with the Moto Stylus with some minor limitations.

Full integration requires a Samsung phone using the Samsung Phone and Messages App. I have the Galaxy Watch Active 2 and it makes it difficult (though not impossible) to start a text message from the watch itself or to make a call from the watch itself. All other functions work just fine.

When will Republic Wireless be able to support cellular watches, example Samsung Watch3

When Republic has plans to announce, they announce them. They don’t generally reveal previously confidential information because someone asked in the forum. If they were ever to offer such support they would announce it wide and far.

That all said, I’m going to bet on not any time soon. Republic has explored data only SIM cards and support for the iPhone, deciding to pursue neither. In addition, most major watches require eSIM support, which Republic does not have. Republic has experimented a number of times, but always seems to come back to its roots, hybrid calling, on Android phones. I don’t think watches fit in there very well.

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Thank you

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