Games using lots of Cell Data

What phone do you have? G5S+

What plan are you on? My Choice + 1 GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? 1Gb / Month of Data

Issue Description

Hi all,
Looking for a solution for very high Foreground data usage.

My wife likes to play games on her phone while we travel and frequently forgets to open the republic app and enable “data freeze” resulting in exorbitantly high cell data usage.

My thought is to try to write a IFTTT script to automatically enable Republic data freeze when any of the game apps are launched and then turn it back off when they are closed.

Has anyone else found a simple solution to solving unintentional high data usage? BTW most of these games don’t need cell data, they only use it to pull down adds but will still operate just fine without data access so if android had an option to disable all cell data on an app by app basis that would work as well.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions, I have searched a couple of times and not found anything that looks appropriate but several others that could benefit from an easy solution…

Try a no root firewall such as:


the instructions for that firewall, most any firewall, say to open phone settings and remove any other VPN, so Republic wireless inserts a VPN into the phone as well.

Have you used this firewall with RW? Any issues? or are you simply saying this is an option for me to try?

I don’t use Netguard myself (I just buy more data), but several other Republic Wireless users do. As I understand it the Republic Wireless VPN is only active when you turn on the “data freeze” in the Republic Wireless app (it disables cellular data for user apps, but still allows cellular data to be used for things like call setup and texts).


I’ll back up @cbwahlstrom on the app.
I’ve used it without issue on RW.


OK, thanks folks, I will give it a shot…

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