Gaps in service?

Lately I’ve been having gaps in service. I can’t make calls or receive calls, and if I try to place an outgoing call it just times out after several minutes of trying to place the call. During this time, the phone shows that I’m connected to Wifi and have cell access. Occasionally I can receive a text, but any texts I try to send are failed and I’m given the message that they cannot be send. I’ve tried everything listed in the help suggestions, from clearing the cache to updating the telephony app, everything short of a factory reset. It seems to last for an couple hours, then suddenly starts working again with no explanation. Anyone else have this problem? I have a Moto X and I have had this problem occasionally over the last few years, but only when there was an update or something big like that, so maybe once or twice over the last three years? Now I’m having it more often, sometimes several days in a row. Any suggestions or advice?

There is a thorough troubleshooting section in this document that specifically addresses the problems you describe:

Make and Receive a Phone Call

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