Gave my Moto G5 Plus to my son, wifi is not working. Help!

About 2 weeks ago I bought the new Moto G Power. I gave my Moto G5 Plus to my son who already has a RW account. We transferred his old phone to the Moto G5 Plus (using the same sim card). Everything worked well until yesterday. Now he can’t get wifi here at home or when he is out. He is not able to send or receive text messages. He can make and receive phone calls.

How can we fix this? Do we need a new sim card? We don’t see the little RW logo arc in the upper left corner anymore. Isn’t that suppose to show a wifi connection? What happened to it? I also don’t see it on my new Moto G Power.

Any help you can provide is appreciated.

Thanks. Hope everyone is healthy and safe.

We transferred his old phone, should read…his account.

No new SIM required. Do you see the wifi “fan” at the top of the screen? If so, what does it look like?

Also consider re-activating the account to see if that shakes a few loose bits.

Make sure Wi-Fi is turned on in the phone settings. Shutdown and restart the phone. Do you see the Republic Arc then? If not. is the Republic App installed? Does the app show the correct information such as your son’s phone number (open Republic app, tap the gear in the upper right, tap “About”)? Is the SIM type GSM (open Republic app, tap the gear in the upper right, tap “About”)?

Hi @johnd.8e056v - I’d start by confirming that you can transfer the SIM between your son’s old phone and the Moto G5 Plus. If your sons old phone is a legacy phone the SIM cannot be moved. There’s also some limitations if the phones are activated on CDMA network.

Here’s a document on How to Perform Basic WiFi Troubleshooting – Republic Help

And one on how to Reset Network Settings – Republic Help

Hope these help!

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Hi. Yes. We can see the wifi “fan” at the top of the screen. It is 90% full.

Not exactly, the Republic arc notification is intended to show the status of the phone’s connection to Republic’s servers not WiFi per se.

Is your son able to access the Internet when connected to WiFi? If you open the Republic app on your son’s new to him phone, what is displayed?

Hey, thanks. His old phone was the Moto G 1st Gen (no sim card). The Moto G5 Plus sim card is cdma. He went from the phone plan for 1st gen phones to the current new plans.

We’ll work through your suggestions and report back. Thanks.

He’s not here at the moment. Will check this when he returns. Thanks.

Hi @johnd.8e056v - See you have several items to check from all the other great suggestions and questions. I will share a Questions and Answers document with an explanation of the RW connectivity status notifications.

Easy quick checks; one swipe down from top to open notifications and see what the current RW connectivity status is.

The sim type is cdma. Question. Since my son went from the old payment plan on the Moto G 1st Gen and now he has the 3.0 (?) plan, does that transition require him to use the GSM sim card? We have one of those.

Hi @johnd.8e056v,

The 3.0 plan does not require a GSM SIM card, and I think we’ve blown a bit off course by focusing on a SIM card for a WiFi issue.

Earlier @rolandh asked whether your son is able to access the internet when the phone is connected to WiFi, as indicated with that WiFi fan you said was 90% full.

In your initial post, you said:

When you say “or when he is out” do you mean when he is in other locations that offer WiFi? Or do you mean he can’t use the internet when he is on cell?

Hi. Sorry for the delay getting back in touch. We opened a help ticket. Followed the instructions and were able to solve the problem. Thanks RW crew. Stay safe.

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