Generous Billing Credit


Today, along with many others, no doubt, I received a notice that a credit has been applied to my account. I’m sure this is related to the recent network outage that Republic experienced, and that they addressed in a recent email. The credit is quite generous, in my view, and well above the level of inconvenience I experienced during the outage. It is a grand gesture that one would not likely see from just about any other cell phone service provider. To me, it demonstrates how thankful Republic Wireless is for it’s loyal subscriber base, and that they truly care about the customer experience. THANK YOU, Republic Wireless, for the excellent service you provide, the highly competitive fees you charge for your service, and for the generous credit you gave to the subscribers affected by the recent outage. Who’s awesome? YOU ARE!


I was not affected by the outage for some odd reason…but That is nice to see indeed.
RW really does have good customer service and the folks that work there really do care about their customers.
Hard to find these days with other companies.


I was affected but minimally from what I can see. Data usage was used quick but there was nothing out of ordinary usage so it may have just been us using cell data more. We have had internet issues for the past month.


I did not receive a credit but I did not experience am outage either.


Affected here but no credit observed.



I had issues with service and I received no credit.


I received the credit, but my sister and dad who also experienced the outage did not.


The credit was based on the price drop on the relay from the original price. an the price of the usage went up to 9.99 per month. All the early/original subscribers are locked in at 6.99 for one year Not for the outage.


I don’t own a Relay so I don’t see how my service outage compensation involves it at all. OP also says that is is service outage compensation.


I didnt get any service credit because The outage did not effect me .an this was there
email That was sent out


The credit you (and I) received for being early Relay adopters is separate from any credit received as a result of the recent service outage.


I guess it helps to be the squeaky wheel. I was affected by it and it affected my business since I use my cell phone as my business line. Super frustrating. When I went on to submit a ticket I found a notice saying that they knew they had issues already and were working to resolve it, so I chose not to submit a ticket in order to let them work on it without another complaint they would have to field. Anyway, over and done with, I’m just happy to hear that they took the initiative to give something back to some due to the inconvenience.


so disappointed in RW - my cell went bat ■■■■ crazy and i couldnt use it for a couple of hours (meanwhile it drained the battery like a frat boy at $0.05 beer night. just poking around here today and found this post s0 do all RW get $5 per line credit or not?


Hi @thebreen,

I’m very sorry to read that you could not use your phone for a couple of hours during the outage incident. It was indeed an unusual event for us.

To answer your question, no, a credit was not provided to all RW members. If we were to do so, we would need to calculate the actual value of that couple of hours against each member’s plan price. Considering the My Choice plan with two GB of data is $25 a month, that makes the plan run about 83 cents a day or 3 cents an hour. We did not feel it was appropriate to credit members 9 cents. Instead, we issued an apology and summary of the incident and began improvements to insure a similar event does not occur.
We selected some accounts to receive a credit and some accounts to receive free data, and will evaluate the response from each if future such incidents arise.

If you feel the impact of the outage merits further action, please open a ticket and let our help team know how they might assist you.


I really don’t think the outage was as severe as some say. Any phone service can have issues and have as history shows Tmobile, Sprint, Verizon, & Att are not immune. Everyone has had glitches & I didn’t even realize there was an issue till it was almost over and fixed.
RW I believe handled it very Professionally. I myself didn’t receive a credit but thats ok because with RW’s help for 6 yrs 10 months I have saved thousands of dollars! Most people should be happy with all their savings over the years instead of griping about a measly $5 credit or a 1GB gift.
Enjoy the Holidays don’t make them miserable with anger or bad comments on my post.


my point is why give ANYONE a credit or DATA if you arent going to give it to EVERYONE who was affected. Under normal circumstance i wouldnt care if my phone was unuseable for over an hour but it just happened to be the hour when i needed it to be functional by chance.

so why did some customers get a credit of $ or data and not some others?


Republic has always given swag, data, or gift cards out to its customers randomly or with a contest. Just because the outage happened don’t mean this giveaway wasn’t scheduled.