Geotagging on the Samsung-SM-J320A


How do I set the geotagging function on my Samsung-SM-J320A? Is there one. Has anyone used any of the Geotagging apps? Which one(s)? Thanks
Richard J. El Paso, TX




If your phone has geotagging or EXIF data, also know as meta data capabilities then you can geotag your photos:

Because of privacy issues Samsung seems to be moving away from this feature. My S7 Edge does not have this capability, or at least I haven’t found it yet if it does exist.

There are some apps that will geotag your photos for you. I can’t vouch how good they are as I have not tired any of them:

Thank you for this question as this is something I would never have explored. I do have this capability on my phone, this is how I found it, try this on your phone:

Open the camera
Tap on the gear on the upper right corner
Scroll down to Location Tags and turn it on!

On your phone if it does have this capability, the menus might be a little different.

Please also see:



Open the camera app, hit the settings gear, look for “Location Settings”. Works on my S7 Edge.

Evidence of this? The setting is alive and well on the S8.



Specific to the Galaxy J3 referenced by @richardj.6ojhft, the setting exists at:

Open the Camera app.
Tap gear icon upper left.
Toggle Location tags on.



So the same as the S7 and S8. It appears that there is a simple answer and Samsung hasn’t moved away from this at all.

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I have taken picture and sent them to a company at their request. On their
program the pictures appear but in the long/lat section only 6 zeros
appear. I was told by someone else that their receiving software might
recover the data even if it doesn’t show.

Thanks for your help.

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Thank you will try taking pictures to see if that works. Thanks



Thank you. I will try this app.


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