Get a new account set up, and get phone to copy old stuff on phone, my number transfered

already put republics wireless chip into phone

sim card in new phone s9

Hi @susanc.bt5fdy - A few questions –

  1. Did you purchase phone from RW? I ask to make sure the new phone is compatible with RW since you said you installed SIM. Phones from RW often come with SIM installed.

  2. Assume the new phone is a Samsung Galaxy S9? If it is and you DID NOT purchase the phone from RW you should review this article to make sure phone is compatible - How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone

  3. Have you setup a new account and successfully transferred your number? Or are you transferring your existing RW number from an old phone to the S9? Not sure from the limited description provided.

That said, see if this Tips & Tricks article helps.

And this article on activating phone - How to Activate a Cell Phone or SIM Card – Republic Help

There are links in the article that you can follow according to your situation.

This will help get you started. Please come back if you have questions :smiley:

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