Get ready for an improved Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless is looking forward to unveiling exciting improvements in December, including:

  • New plan options with additional features
  • Expanded unlimited data options
  • 5G service and additional 5G capable device options
  • Bundle and multi-line discounts
  • Customer service support over the phone

In preparation for these improvements, we are making some changes that may affect you.

What you need to know:

On November 16, 2021, we’ll temporarily close our online store at until we re-open in December. If you have an emergency need for a phone or SIM card while our store is unavailable, please contact our Help Team.

After November 30, 2021, we will no longer be able to process changes to current Republic Wireless plans. If you need to change your plan, you must do so in November. Note that My Choice and Republic Refund one-time data purchase options will still continue to be available after November.

For instructions see How To Change Your Plan. Remember:

  • Plan upgrades (buying more recurring data each month) take place within minutes of purchase
  • Plan downgrades (buying less recurring data each month) must be submitted in advance of your billing date, and take place on your billing date. We will not be able to downgrade a My Choice or Republic Refund plan after it is billed in November.
  • If you’ve recently purchased a phone or SIM card, please activate your My Choice plan by November 30, 2021

As a Republic member, you have a choice - you will be able to take advantage of the new plans and features if you wish. We thank you for being a part of our first 10 years in business and for your patience as we work to make Republic Wireless even better. We can’t wait to show you the coming improvements and we will be in touch by e-mail and Community Announcement in December!

If you have any questions, please reply below.

Updated 11/2/21 with FAQs

  1. Will members not currently on Annual Payment be able to move to Annual Payment after 11/30?
    If you are considering moving to Annual Payment we would encourage you to do so in November. As we bring these new plans to you in December, we will not immediately have an Annual Payment option, but we are looking forward to offering this option again due to its popularity and the additional value it provides our members.

  2. Will those currently on Annual Payment be allowed to take advantage of the new options?
    Absolutely. If you like the options available in December, we will make sure you are able to move to those options without losing the money you’ve already spent on your Annual Payment.

  3. Is Extend Home going away?
    Extend Home will not be a feature of our new plans.
    We will not be able to support it indefinitely on the My Choice plan, but we will give Extend Home users advance notice before making any changes.

  4. Is Republic Anywhere going away?
    Like Extend Home, Republic Anywhere will not be a feature of our new plans and will not be able to be supported indefinitely on the My Choice plan.

  5. Republic Wireless numbers are classified as VoIP (landline, wireline) numbers. Some services refuse to send text messages to Republic Wireless numbers. Will this problem be solved?
    (Common examples: Venmo verification, pharmacy notifications, banking alerts).
    Numbers on the new plans will not be classified as VoIP numbers. They will be cellular (wireless) numbers and will be able to receive these types of text messages.

  6. Will WiFi calling still work?
    When Republic Wireless set out to disrupt the cellular landscape in 2011, WiFi calling was an innovation that set us apart. In 2021, WiFi calling is available from most of the major cellular carriers using features integrated into today’s phones. On the new plans, WiFi calling will rely on the newer WiFi calling feature rather than Republic’s patented WiFi calling techniques.

  7. I have the Beta Member Service Discount. Will it still apply?
    The Beta Member Service Discount can be applied to our new plans. It cannot be stacked with other discounts.


Hi @southpaw,

Quite the tease! Looking forward to more options.

Any changes to the “backend” that might be on the immediate horizon, such as improved WiFi calling and fixes for the VoIP number issue?


Hi southpaw,
I have 2 phones with annual plans that are to renew in about a week. Will these changes have any impact on this?


Will international roaming be added?

You note that you won’t be able to process changes to plans after 11/30 - I don’t see when you will be able to do that again. Do you have a date for when you will resume?


The current (My Choice) plans will not be able to be changed after that date. You will be able to add one-time data, but the plan you’re on at that point, it the plan you’re on unless you transition to the new plans.


Hi @waynes.z1j4g2,

Your Annual Plan’s renewal in November will take place as scheduled.

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Hi @BuntyDoodles,

We’re looking forward to unveiling all the details in December. Until then :zipper_mouth_face:


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…and about that pricing…!


Will we be able to change from annual billing to monthly billing (to go into effect at annual renewal date) after November?


I am not sure about letting my annual plan renew this month without seeing the new plans. If I switch my My Choice plan to monthly now, could I change it back to an annual plan if I decide to keep it? Also, will the new plans be compatible with the Extend Home? I really like the Extend Home, so I would most likely have to keep the current plan if the new plans don’t work with it. In that case, I might as well let the current plan renew for another year.


I’m also curious about how annual plans will the handled.

I’m currently in an annual plan until late May. If the new plans are better (offer more or unlimited data at a compelling price) I would want to be able to switch to them.

I hope that people in annual plans will be offered the opportunity to do a pro-rated cancelation and switch to the new plans. Otherwise your most committed customers will be punished for locking into antiquated pricing.

I’m excited about the change. I’ve been thinking about changing to another carrier because 1GB isn’t enough data and going higher than 1GB with RW makes them non-competitive. I’m thinking that this change will cause me to be a retained customer.


Here are my questions, and I can understand if Republic Wireless isn’t ready to answer them:

  • Will annual plan customers be allowed to be refunded so that we can get into the new plans when we know the details?
  • Will we be converted into Ting customers?
  • Will our numbers be converted from VOIP to cellular numbers?
  • Will RW’s seamless WIFI <-> Cellular handoff still work?
  • What will the new pricing models be?

My commentary: I’m excited about this change. I have been shopping around because 1GB isn’t enough anymore, and RW isn’t competitive when you need more than 1GB of data. This change, if the details will be good, may result in the retention of me, my daughter, and both of my parents. We had already begun planning a GoogleFi exit in May when our annual plans were up. I can’t wait to see what the details are.

Republic Wireless is a good company that has built up a lot of credibility. That’s why I think this will be a good change.


Are we losing VOIP which works great in my basement with my home WIFI network?


This is the first I am hearing of this… Where do you see that?

Oh, I misread that as a fact… Not a question. Sorry.

I already switched to T-Mobile because the price was comparable to the price I was getting with Republic and got more. My parents still have one line with Republic because of the extended home device, so I’m assuming this has to do with integrating Republic wireless with Dish networks (also rolling out piggybacking option on at&t), But the extended home service will that still be able to work after the changes in December?

My parents will like the phone support, but I take it won’t be based in Raleigh or Colorado, a call center overseas? @southpaw


Scottathew, I disagree about being understanding if Republic doesn’t want to answer these questions. It is not okay to dangle a supposed carrot when it could in fact be a stick. Not knowing if our service will still work is not a game we should be willing to play. Republic needs to answer legitimate questions from its customers, or it deserves to lose a lot of folks. I know ATT and Dish had a deal, and I’m assuming this is tied to that, but leaving customers in the dark with vague promises is ■■ at its finest. If you want to lose more people to Mint, this is how you do it.


Southpaw, with respect, you guys need to give better information. You are set to lose a lot of folks if you do not give better information than, oh, you’re going to be stuck unless you switch to new plans. You know who else did that unacceptable behavior read {redacted} ? Verizon who I left to come here to avoid that kind of thing. If you want to lose customers, plow ahead, but I won’t be sticking around if you guys want to play this kind of unacceptable behavior. {redacted}

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