Get ready for an improved Republic Wireless

Republic uses the term handover to refer to moving calls between WiFi and cellular. I don’t believe that’s what you refer to, however, please correct me if I’m wrong about that.

I think you’re referring to the fact it often takes longer (days as opposed to hours) to transfer (port) Republic numbers due to their classification as landlines (wireline is the more correct industry term). For the purpose of porting, Republic (and all VoIP) numbers are indeed classified as landlines.

That said, there’s no reason for loss of service while waiting for one’s number to port. Current service (Republic or otherwise) continues until the new provider competes the port (however long it takes them to do so).

I’ve seen no announcement from Republic that suggests there is any intention of mass porting 200,000 Republic numbers at once. Republic has stated details regarding new plans will be forthcoming in December. At that point, current members will have the option of moving to the new plans. Only if they make that choice would it be necessary for Republic to move their number and we also don’t yet know the details of how that will work.

Generally, I don’t hear from many who think Google Fi’s pricing is particularly competitive. Fi’s got some good features for international travel but its plan pricing is nothing special.

Spectrum Mobile, like other cable providers, generally reserves its best pricing for those bundling Internet and/or TV with them. This can be a good deal if one is interested in bundling but not so much if one is not so inclined.


You know I’m expecting good news in December from RW but in hindsight it would have been nice if it happened in November in time for Black Friday deals. I’m sure that the list phones supported will be expanded a lot and pretty much any phone will be supported, but it would be nice to get them and not just bank on it being supported or whatnot. Sure you can return the phone or sell it but if you’re searching for a phone at a good price and want to use it with the new plans available it would be nice to get it at the cheapest price available. There probably will be sales in december or later but maybe not as good or maybe better, who knows. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for a list of phones that will be supported before then. Listing phones isn’t giving away too much. They know what they are already. They already announced that new plans and phones are coming on the RW site (stay-tuned). Unless they don’t know yet and that’s not comforting.

Side note: As i googled the RW to get their site, the first search result was Tello. It used to be Mint. Interesting data.

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Leak Suggests Republic Wireless’s Rebrand Will Take Aim At Consumer Cellular

A previous article from BestMVNO criticized Republic Wireless for seemingly not having a staging site to work on for the rebrand. This take ended up not being entirely correct. The website leak of what are potentially new plans and the rebrand does in fact come from a staging website located at the URL
{staging link redacted}

When I Google the term “Republic Wireless”, the first result is still Mint Mobile. That’s because it’s a paid ad. In other words, Mint is paying Google to be there. Google does serve different ads at different time, so, perhaps, Tello is paying Google for ad placement as well.

Hi @seniorgeek,

I’ve redacted the link to the staging site because it has a lot of “staged” content - in other words, content that is just there to create a look developers can build upon. I would not want people to assume that what is at that link is what they’ll see when the online store re-opens.

Right, agrred. It’s probably region specific as well. Looks like Tello is really lobbying to get ppl to switch for their no data plan or low-cost data options. Since for new RW customers afaik (meaning i don’t remember if this was discussed and this thread is too long to pinpoint that exact point even using the search feature) those plans won’t be available.

Is enough already announced or known about future ATT service/coverage to know if the service will be similar to TMO - no throttling, roaming included, etc. Will it be based on ATT prepaid or postpaid service restrictions?

Not enough has been announced, but unlike T-Mobile of old (although post-Sprint it has become largely meaningless there too) the post-paid and pre-paid networks of AT&T are largely the same. From what I can tell AT&T MVNOs (there aren’t that many) generally have the same coverage as native AT&T customers. I’ve used Cricket, and AT&T Prepaid and PureTalk on AT&T and Net10 on AT&T and saw no difference in any of them versus my corporate AT&T coverage.


So, we were just in Floyd VA this past weekend. We had great reception/signal on both our Legacy Moto x Gen 1s using the Sprint CDMA network, and our Moto X Gen 4 on the T-Mobile network. But the coverage map shows no coverage in Floyd??

Will the new phones/pans be on a completely different network? Or were we just on partner networks that will not be supported much longer? I really want to keep as many of our phones with Republic as we can, but its hard to know what is going to be a covered area (even with partnered networks) and what is not based on the coverage maps. If the CDMA is going away, I will need to replace 2 of my phones.

The T-Mobile coverage maps I use show good coverage in Floyd, VA.


I can’t find the coverage checker tool I used here earlier it was part of the tool for selecting new phones (currently unavailable), but it wasn’t like the old maps between CDMA and GSM, it was just one map, and Floyd wasn’t covered.

What you show with the map you are using is what we experienced this weekend, and coverage was great for the GSM! If its that way for the new plans once CDMA is obsoleted, then that would be great and we can keep all of our phones with Republic.

Republic Wireless tried to maintain their own coverage maps for a while, but they became hopelessly out of date with the rapid expansion of T-Mobile’s network. The maps change quite rapidly these days.

Speculation is that the new plans being offered in December will be on AT&T. That makes sense, but I certainly don’t know for a fact that this will be the case. At this point if you choose to retire your legacy phones for something new, you would be subject to whatever plans/carrier is offered in December.

So given the coverage in my area of concern will be good/great…

Next question… Do the “powers to be” think that the new site, phones and plans will be available in time to make a new phone a potential for a gift under the Christmas tree?

I am the worlds worst procrastinator, and a nice phone to replace an antique Moto X would make a great gift.

Yeah, this is a big whiff by the marketing folks.

It’s not just black Friday, but the fact that shipping is going to be all wadded up this year again, and unless RW rolls out on Dec 1, they’re missing out on Christmas,


There is another issue lurking in the shadows. Supply and demand. By the time we get the " big news " don’t be surprised that new phone is not in stock. So you wanted the “A” choice or model, you might not even get the “B” nor the “C” or the “D” model. All sold out or just not in stock due to chip shortages and ships floating off the coast of Cali wanting to unload cargo.


RALEIGH – Dish Network, which bought Raleigh-based Republic Wireless in March, has signed a multi-billion-dollar, 10-year contract with AT&T for wireless network services.

The deal is worth “at least” $5 billion, according to CNBC.

Dish is a mobile virtual network operator, or MVNO, which means the company uses services from other firms for voice and data as well as other services.

Republic was an MVNO.

The company’s Relay device operation was not included in the Dish sale and remains based in Raleigh.

Dish also owns Boost Mobile and Ting wireless.

Dish Network said on Monday it had signed a multi-year deal worth at least $5 billion to make AT&T the primary network services partner for its wireless customers.

Hmmm :thinking:
This could have been directly from republic wireless.

It’s not like they can hide a deal this big.

Logic would be a 5 billion dollar contract is At&t will be our new cellular service choice.

You can go to the at&t website for coverage map.

This is So. Cal. Image.

Dark blue is the useless 5g
Baby blue is the reliable 4g
And anything else is good luck :crossed_fingers: :four_leaf_clover:

Hi @southpaw.
You wrote, “Everything sold this year in the Republic Wireless online store will work on the new plans.”
That’s great news, and today I ordered two Moto G Power (2021) US version phones, which should be delivered on Thursday. These are essentially the same BYOP as you sold in the RW store.

I know that I can transfer my GSM SIM card to the new phone, but since my wife’s phone has a CDMA, I’m assuming that she’ll have to wait for the new plans. In fact, if the new plans are available soon, we could both wait to activate the new phones. We’re really looking forward to the new “bigger and better network”, as described on the RW homepage.

One other issue. In a week, we are leaving for Florida for the winter. Any new SIMs or other material that RW sends out pertaining to the new plans would have to forward with our other mail to the Sunshine State. (The post office doesn’t forward bulk mail.) Is there something else that we need to take care of to make this transition go smoothly?

Everywhere there is 5G there is also 4G coverage so dark blue coverage areas offer coverage whether or not you have a 5G capable phone.

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So, I’m looking at a new phone or two, and was hoping to get into a black friday sale for a decent price. I was almost on your site on the 27th and saw that you were planning to take down the site on sunday the 28th for the morning…(1 AM to 8 AM EST). I was ALMOST there, because you had taken down the site - with some important links open. Now it is 11 PM EST and it sure looks like the site is still down.
When I checked on the phone I chose from your list of supported phones it mentioned a specific model number of a factory unlocked phone. Your former webpage also said I should be VERY clear to buy the correct model phone.
When I went to the manufacturers website it CLEARLY says the model # your former webpage inducated is NOT supported by Republic Wireless.

Now I can’t get to your webpages, your website, your “customer service” or the list I mentioned. I’m sure I’m the only person in your meniacally fanatic “community” to feel like you are leaving me twisting in the wind, but it IS a fact that is exactly how the timing of your mangled “update” is leaving me feel.

When do you suppose I’ll be able to get back to my account?

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