Get ready for an improved Republic Wireless

I was just worried by the idea of having things shipped by having them forwarded.

Let’s dig into all the specifics one the details are announced, and I’ll be glad to work with you to make sure you feel confident you understand everything before you take any action.

I found this by going to the store and scrolling down. It does appear we will be leaving T-Mobile:

I don’t think this has been a secret. After all there were numerous press articles saying that Dish had signed a $5b+ deal with AT&T specifically calling out Republic as one of the companies that would be transitioning to the coverage under the deal.

I should have said the discussion about maps of T-Mobile coverage appear to be moot.

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Not necessarily. If you currently have active My Choice service on T-Mobile, they’re very relevant.

That would seems at first glance kinda bad for me. In my area, I have noticed that generally, 5G signals seems to be in much more abundance on my Moto Ace 5G (even though can’t really make use of it yet), but the 4G seems spotty in many parts out here until I start travelling East-bound (generally can be the case) within 10 minutes, things become decent all around. Under AT&T map coverage right now, it seems its spotty 5G until I travel far eastward which is much rarer to have happen. One of my family members had to switch their carrier connection from AT&T’s cell towers to T-Mobile’s because he had wonky things happen (like may not get messages or would only be on 3G or less to talk on the phone, sometimes areas where the phone just said there was no connection for anything even though there was a few bars. After the switch to T-Mobile’s towers on same phone and same service, all problems went away.

Hi @zapoqx,

I would just like to mention, nothing about your current My Choice service changes when new offerings are launched. There’ll be ample time to assess whether the new plans are a good fit once the details are known.


I will of course. I’m keeping an open mind. Just the idea of having the phone be considered a cell phone would be nice on certain services that only offer SMS that would reject phone numbers considered “home” or “VOIP” as if saying you’re not an adult if you’re not with the big carriers.

Only way to test it out is to get on the new plan … the one-way nature of that transition My Choice (Tmo) → New Plan (AT&T) may leave some members stranded and leaving for other options…this in my opinion is a short-sighted move. If they are going to continue T-mo activations on Ting and Boost then they should have left that option intact for RW members too.

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I’d probably just solicit opinions from folks in my area who use AT&T. Assuming AT&T is the only option.


What makes you think they are continuing to do that?

This is certainly a time to take a deep breath and just wait and see. That said, it kind of looks like Boost, Ting, and Republic might be headed for AT&T. Boost Mobile's first plans on AT&T's network include a $100 yearly option | Engadget


Ting is still activating on T-Mobile and Verizon (in areas without T-Mo coverage). No AT&T yet. Some speculation has Ting being rebranded Ollo and going postpaid.

Quite true regarding Ting Mobile but it’s not known if or for how long that will remain the case.

This is a presumption based on speculation. I humbly suggest, we consider tamping down the speculation and wait for the details. No one is being asked to dive into the deep end of the pool on day one.

We don’t yet necessarily know what will happen going forward with either Ting or Boost.

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I recall reading somewhere in news of the DISH agreement with AT&T that they still have a couple of years or so left in a prior agreement with T-Mobile. I’m still holding onto hope that T-Mobile will remain as a secondary choice for the new plans, much the same as Sprint was secondary for My Choice plans.

… to provide some context as to why our current plans are going to stop being unable to upgrade and downgrade

@southpaw Perhaps I’ve missed something. but I haven’t seen any explanation of why current plans won’t be up/down-gradeable after November. You’ve done a good job reminding us that we need to make changes now, but no reason given for why changes will no longer be possible.

With the launch of the new plans and devices the backend that supports the gateway and the plan capabilities is being replaced / upgraded for the new service. As part of that change engineering determined it would be necessary to make changes that would prevent the old system that supports the old plans from working as required to support continued changes on the old plans.


What’s changing after Nov. 30th?!

I just bought a Google Pixel 4a. And am expecting to upgrade from the 2.0 plan to the 3.0 plan.

A number of changes are coming to Republic Wireless in December. The issue that would affect your ability to move from a 2.0 to 3.0 plan is:

  • If you’ve recently purchased a phone or SIM card, please activate your My Choice plan by November 30, 2021

In plain language, unless you are able to activate your new phone with a 3.0 (My Choice) SIM card by this evening, you will have to wait until the new plans are introduced in early December and activate your phone on those plans.

You should have received an e-mail titled “Get ready for an improved Republic Wireless.” The body of the e-mail stated:

Republic Wireless is looking forward to unveiling exciting improvements in December, including:

  • New plan options with additional features
  • Expanded unlimited data options
  • 5G service and additional 5G capable device options
  • Bundle and multi-line discounts
  • Customer service support over the phone

In preparation for these improvements, we are making some changes that may affect you.

What do you need to know?

On November 16, 2021, we’ll temporarily close our online store at until we re-open in December. If you have an emergency need for a phone or SIM card while our store is unavailable, please contact our Help Team.

After November 30, 2021, we will no longer be able to process changes to current Republic Wireless plans. If you need to change your plan, you must do so in November. Note that My Choice and Republic Refund one-time data purchase options will still continue to be available after November.

For instructions see How To Change Your Plan. Remember:

  • Plan upgrades (buying more recurring data each month) take place within minutes of purchase
  • Plan downgrades (buying less recurring data each month) must be submitted in advance of your billing date, and take place on your billing date. We will not be able to downgrade a My Choice or Republic Refund plan after it is billed in November.
  • If you’ve recently purchased a phone or SIM card, please activate your My Choice plan by November 30, 2021

As a Republic member, you have a choice - you will be able to take advantage of the new plans and features if you wish. We thank you for being a part of our first 10 years in business and for your patience as we work to make Republic Wireless even better. We can’t wait to show you the coming improvements and will reach out to tell you more in December!

If you have any questions, please join the conversation in our Member Community.


Your Republic Wireless Team

In addition to the e-mail, see the following community discussion:

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Hi @jamied.gygmwp,

To put a finer point on it, unless you already have a fresh Republic 3.0 SIM in hand, activating the Pixel 4a will need to wait for Republic’s announcement of new plans. Republic 3.0 SIMs were available online only, there’s no way to ship one to you in time to activate it and no brick and mortar store where the SIM might be acquired locally.

The SIM from your 2.0 phone is phone specific and cannot be moved to any other phone.

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