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Got a recent update to my Samsung A11 phone. Ever since I have updated I get a notification, to install apps from my provider. It shows as a Configuration update, inviting me to Tap here to install. After tapping, I get a screen saying 'get recommended apps, shows a spinning thingy and a note saying apps will download when wifi is available. It quickly closes. No apps appear. The notification will not remove itself nor will it allow me to side swipe it away. Unusual as most do.
Model # SM-A115U1
Android Version 10
Android Security Patch Level: Oct, 1, 2020
Thoughts? I can live with this, but figured it was out of the ordinary and there might be a fix for this.

Other than its required mobile app and optionally Republic Anywhere, your provider (Republic) doesn’t offer any apps. Out of curiosity, was the Galaxy A11 purchased from Republic directly or a third party retailer?

It’s been said a picture is worth 1000 words. Would you be able to post a screenshot?

I’ve seen “get recommended apps” as part of new phone setup but not as the result of an update. Is your phone connected to WiFi? Are you able to reach the Internet using Google Chrome?

There are a few persistent notification that can’t simply be swiped away. There may be another way to make the notification go away, however, we would first need to figure out what’s triggering the notification.

Ok, thx for getting back to me. Yes this is a RW phone,
Screen shot here:
Google Photos
My phone at home is Always on wi fi, as I do not pay for data, but rely on my home connection.
AT&T fiber and my wireless connection via BidDefender wifi, always on.
Google Photos
Another screen shot, if it helps, the one that goes nowhere, does nothing.

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Not sure if it addresses your issue but something I found on the web that you might want to look into:

"As most Galaxy owners probably know, Samsung phones come with their own app store, Galaxy Apps, which includes items like new fonts and Edge setups for your device as well as other apps and games. It can be a great resource when you want to customize your phone and a great annoyance if you accidentally turn on notifications from the store.

If you signed up for Galaxy Apps’ notifications, you’re probably by the bombardment of messages you receive. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to turn them off. As CNET noted this weekend, start by opening up your app drawer and tapping on the Samsung folder, and then select Galaxy Apps.

From there, tap the vertical ellipses icon in the top-right of the screen, tap on Settings, and then tap on Notifications. Make sure the “General notifications” listing is slid to the “off” position, and Galaxy Apps won’t bother you anymore"


Well, as expected nothing ever seems to be cut and dried. I was not able to find the galaxy apps folder. I did turn off all notifications for Samsung and galaxy apps. Restarted and still get the notification.
Found another screen see below. Grayed out, unable to turn off.

Good Morning @charlesm.juhuof,

You might give the following a try:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap Apps
  3. Tap 3 dots upper right
  4. Tap Show system apps
  5. Tap magnifying glass
  6. Type Configuration update into the Search apps field
  7. Select the first of the three Configuration update apps
  8. Tap Force stop

Any luck?

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That got it! the force stop was the key, your instructions were Right ON!
Thank you very much~
Happy Holidays to you as well!

Of course, right after sending that to you, the update disappeared, might have had something to do with it doing a force stop on one of the many galaxy apps or the samsung junk. Hard to tell as I did a bunch of those notification shut downs, off settings and force stops.
Thanks for you help!

Hi @charlesm.juhuof,

I’ll keep my fingers crossed, however, the celebration may be premature. At some point, the Configuration update app will restart itself. What remains to be seen is whether, when it does, the unwanted notification comes back or not. Again, :crossed_fingers:

And, a happy and healthy holiday season to you!

Hear that.

quick question, tried to get a google pay mobile phone app to work with my A11 and was told it would not work, now i see a new app and wonder if its worth trying again?

Hi @charlesm.juhuof,

When you say Google Pay won’t work; do you mean tap to pay at point of purchase? If so, your Galaxy A11 lacks the NFC hardware needed for that. The new (beta) Google Pay app wouldn’t change the experience. For what it’s worth, Google Pay (and Samsung Pay) would work for online transactions where accepted.

What I should have said is that in the process of setting it up I got a message that the phone was not compatible with the GPay.
Must have been the NFC.
I have had some problems with apps that require using my number that fail also so figured that was the issue.
Thanks again for your help!
Stay safe and well,

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