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What phone do you have?

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

I get three or four ads each time I boot up. I haven’t installed any new apps, and I can’t get the phone to safe mode. I went back to factory settings once, and I’d rather not do that again.


Moto G 3rd generation. Choice plan. Includes data.


Here are a couple help articles from Google that may address issues with popup ads:


A 3rd party app that you may have installed awhile back, probably had an update that now includes ads.

Open Google Play Store and check to see what apps were recently updated. Ones to look out for are:

Anti Virus apps
Photo manipulation apps
Cleaning apps
File managing apps

Usually there are two ways to stop ads.

  1. Use a Firewall app - Firewall apps are powerful and if not used correctly you can block phone’s ability to make calls. Only block 3 party apps not system app, Google system apps including Google Play Store or Republic Wireless apps.
  1. Block Background Data usage for apps, again do not restrict System apps, Google system apps or Republic Wireless apps:

Instructions to get into Safe Mode:

Press and release power button
Give Power Off a 2 or 3 second press and Safe mode option will appear.

If it doesn’t then I suggest Clearing Android System Cache. The instructions have been updated, use the ones that are easier for you to understand. The procedure is the same in both, just one might be easer to understand:

Or you can use these instructions:

Pop up ads now appearing all the time

Hi @priscillap.nvdfz8,

Have you been able to rid your phone of the pop-up ads with any of the advice provided?



It has been a while since I took a look at this app but I keep it in the back of my mind as a possible option. While we are looking to get rid of apps that have ads, we can install one more to try to detect the ads. This app should be able to see the other apps and point out to you which ones are connected to different known ad networks to help narrow down a search to eliminate ads.


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