Get to know the RW Board Game Club

You’ve probably heard us say before that we at Republic Wireless are a family. We love spending time together fulfilling our mission day in a day out! To achieve this mission though, it means that we’ve got to trust each other and know each other well enough to have tough conversations, challenge each other constantly, and make those hard decisions. We believe this is one aspect of our culture that makes us stand out in our industry. We genuinely care about our people.

How do we accomplish this? It’s not too hard when the people you work with are already awesome, but lunchtime volleyball games, Spirit Week, and other non-work activities only add to that awesomeness. My way to connect with our team members? A board game club.

Our board game club started a few months back – a few of our engineers brought in Ticket to Ride to play during their lunch break on a rainy day. Those of us who had a hobby to play would pass them while they were playing and share our stories of playing that game, and others that we loved. The rest, as they say, is history. We created a slack channel to coordinate game days and who would bring a game.

Now, when people hear that we play board games, they often assume we play things like Life, Monopoly, What Do You Meme, etc. While these games are fun, we play games that are very unique and creative. A big favorite in our group is Dominion, a deck building game where you use your card abilities to purchase new cards that continue to amplify your deck. Another game we love is Photosynthesis where you’re planting, growing, and expiring trees to earn points based on where they are in the forest.

This group was created out of a common interest that many of us across Republic Wireless enjoy doing. It’s been a fun opportunity to get to know the team members that we may not have the chance to work closely with otherwise. We get the chance to bring our favorite games that others may not have played or heard of. Currently, we have about 15 members, and between our 15 members, we have over 120 games.

While playing games is fun (and frustrating at times!), because we play so many different types of games, it challenges the way we think. I’m a firm believer that these types of games provide a toolkit that strengthens your problem-solving ability.

There are several groups like this at Republic, and I think they’re a testament to our culture and family-like environment. There’s nothing quite like pulling your co-workers together to play a board game!

We’re always looking for new exciting and challenging games. What games should we try next?

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