Getting a busy signal when calling out


I have a legacy Moto G phone on the 1.0 plan.

I am out of my normal calling area for the winter and can’t call a certain number on cell or wifi that I was able to call before. I get a busy signal. I have tried rebooting my phone and tried to find where to check the default network but can’t find it on my phone. Any suggestions?



Hi @dollyc

Have you reviewed the troubleshooting section of this document?.

Make and Receive a Phone Call – Republic Help

See if that helps and let us know.



As you point out this problem is to a specific number, this may indicate a problem that would have to be worked out by the telco’s involved (via a Ticket to Republic and maybe to the carrier of the person your calling.
However the document that @c1tobor is the place to start.
Specifically I would go to this section in the same doc and reset you cell/VoIP credentials, then pursue the Ticket via a Help Ticket



One additional suggestion @dollyc. As a test, have you or are you able to try calling that number from a phone other than your Republic number?



I have tried everything in the troubleshooting section, still not working so I will open a Help Ticket. Thanks for your help.



rolandh, I have 3 Republic phones and get the busy signal on all of them…I don’t have access to another phone to try but I can text and tell her to call me and the call comes through! I could call her with no problems from my home state of TN with no problems prior to coming to FL this week.


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