Getting a home security system


Hi all , this is my 1st time here and I feel a little bit un easy. Thats because I’m no Techie
I dont know which plan to go with .
I have a Moto G 1st gen and all I use it for is texts and calling .
Question 1 : I’m buying a Ring security system and it will call my cell phone if the camera detects motion ,
2: also I’m wanting to have GPS on my phone for travelling and LIGHT web searches ( like looking up phone numbers .)
I currently have the cheapest plan and usually pay @ $ 10 /month
Sooo , can someone tell me which plan ? I cant get on the 'net now , and I do have wifi ( ATT ) at home .I use Google at home on my laptop
3: I thought I was going to get unlimited EVERYthing free if I was at a wifi hotspot
I’m confused .


Your Moto G 1st Gen is a legacy phone could be on either the grandfathered 1.0 plans [$10 unlimited talk and text or $25 3G data plan] or the 2.0 Republic refund plans [$10 base (includes unlimited talk and text) and data at $7.50 per 1/2 GB {$15 per 1GB}]
In order to get the my choice plan [$15 (unlimited talk and text) + $5 per GB (no refunds)] one needs to upgrade to newer 3.0 phone

In order to view a camera away from WiFi the phone would need data, [it looks like the Android app should still work with the 1st Gen Moto G]
The same is true when doing searches and using a non offline GPS apps [Here we go and Google maps both have good offline maps options]


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No need to feel uneasy! This community is for all RW customers regardless of tech level. We all try our best to help each other. So you are in the right place if you need help or want to give it :wink:

If you are keeping your Moto G then I believe you need to move to the 2.0 refund plan and add 1/2 GB so your new Ring system can get a hold of your phone when you are not connected via WiFi. Republic Wireless Plans 2.0: Republic Refund

No, you’re correct. If you are connected to Wifi you are not limited to anything. This is for sure at home. At coffee houses and other places offering Wifi, they night limit what you can do (like let you surf…, but not allow texting or calling to work)

Hope this helps you!


Thank you for the replies .
I went to to settings and it says the phone is a HW version: P3C , Android version 5 .
Is this the correct phone description ?
So I may have been wrong about type in the first description .
When I’m at home or wifi hot spots , how do I access the free internet ?
Does the phone automatically access ?
How to I get to my E mail on the phone ?
How exactly do I get to the internet while at a hot spot ?
Does your previous replies still apply ?


When Republic said unlimited WiFi what was meant was that Republic doesn’t charge for data consumed from WiFi (this is also true for any smartphone on any carrier), someone still needs to provide [and pay for] this, lots of business will provide WiFi as a courtesy to their customers and/or their community, at home this would have have this would be though an ISP [the internet that most people have already for computers and smart TVs,] usually this is paid for by them person who using it.

To connect to a WiFi one would need to open the settings [:gear:] and go to WiFi and select the network you who’s to connect to [the phone will display all networks it sees] and enter the sercurity password. [Note most WiFi provided by business don’t have passwords but have a term of service agreement access from the web browser [chrome] after connecting to the network.