Getting a new phone; steps I need to follow to move service

I am an existing Republic customer. I want to update to a newer phone from my Moto E4 to a Moto G6 XT1925-6 (verified compatible model). After I purchase the phone (which is supposedly unlocked), what are my next steps? Will I need to purchase another SIM card from Republic, or will the card in my E4 just need to be moved to the new phone? I need some advice on the steps I need to take, and in the order I need to take them. Any help is appreciated.

Hi @jamesv.k2hvtq and welcome back to the Member Community. Here are a couple of articles that will help get you started. The first will help you determine if the SIM in your Moto E4 can be moved to the new Moto G6.

And this one has information that can help you change phones –

Recommend you start by making a backup of items important to you. Here’s a guide for that –

Here’s a guide to help you transfer information between phones once you get there –

Make sure you checkout the links in these articles because they often take you to more detailed information.

The following one of the helpful links but thought I’d make it easier to find –

Suggest you review these documents and then come back if you have questions. Hope this helps get you started!

We have two Moto G6s in our house and love them. They have been working great for over a year now.

Thank you, will do.

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