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I am thinking of buying the new Moto 5 plus but this will be my first time changing smart phones so I am wondering how much of a hassle it will be to move from one phone into another. I currently have a Moto first generation with republic as my carrier. Will it be as stressful as when I had to reset the phone I have now? That was kinda horrible. Also, will it make a difference if I order the phone but did not move into it right away? I am so busy right now and my schedule is so unpredictable that it is possible that I would receive the phone but not be able to move into it for a couple of weeks. Finally, can I add memory to the Moto 5 if I need to down the road?

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Hi! I was in the same boat as you (I think). I have a Moto x first generation. Unfortunately the software was not new enough to transfer everything from my old phone to my new phone and the moto migrate app is no longer supported with the new version. What I’ve found (so far) is that Google has all my contacts saved so I didn’t have to do anything with that and that the Google play store has all my previously downloaded apps. I need to remember passwords (…) But so far it has been a pretty smooth transition. I am waiting for a sim card to get the phone running as a phone. I think you can take as long as you want to move into the phone, but don’t quote me. Hope this helps!

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Good Morning @kathyy.usg9gq,

Transferring user content from your G1 to a new phone shouldn’t be all that horrible. Unlike when you factory reset your phone previously, you won’t lose any information in the process. @melissal.w8wvru is quite correct, most user content should already be synced with your Google (Gmail) account. She’s also correct, you may acquire the Moto G5 PLUS and transition service from your G1 at your leisure. Meanwhile, the G5 PLUS will function as a mini WiFi tablet. More detail follows:

When ready, you’ll start the activation process. Republic offers a great walkthrough here: Activate | Republic Wireless.

Any user content synced to your Google account will sync back to your new phone when you add the same Google account used on your current phone to the new phone.

On your current phone, at Settings -> Backup & reset, please verify both Backup account and Automatic restore are toggled on.

You will be presented the opportunity during activation to restore that which is synced to your Google account from another phone linked to the same Google account.

Once past initial phone setup, you will be prompted to sign into the appropriate Republic account. To upgrade an existing line to a new phone, select “replace existing line”. You should see the phone number you want to replace listed at this step. Continue through the activation process, then you’re all set! Some guidance from Republic here: Activate My Phone.

Once again, @melissal.w8wvru is correct, Motorola no longer supports Motorola Migrate. For that which is not synced to your Google account, please try one of the following options:

Easy Backup & Restore:

Copy My Data:

Phone Copier:


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I’ve activated quite a few new phones since my RW friends invariable have me set their new phones up. The entire process, not including setting up the screens, takes about an hour and up to two bottles of beer or a half bottle of wine. It starts with gathering the 3 sets of credentials that are necessary; WiFi access, Gmail access and RW access.

The apps on the new phone are invariably out of date and sometimes an update to the Android operating system is necessary. This is because the phones are loaded quite a while before they are delivered and by the time you get to them things have changed.

As you noted, depending on the models involved different techniques for moving data are offered during the activation process. The one I use most frequently starts with having both the old and new phones logged into the same WiFi network. The new phone finds the old phone on the network.

Most users have used the Photos app on their phone, some have used their calendar and all have used their Gmail account. It is comforting to know the data for these apps is is the Google cloud:

Google Photos - All your photos organized and easy to find

Sometimes the software to access the Play Store has been updated since the phone was initially loaded. The notification for this update generally appears in the pull-down notification shade and the update can be invoked from that notification. Doing that update as soon as the notification appears can save a lot of time. Occasionally one is asked to restart the phone while updating is taking place. I let the updating finish before responding to the restart notification.

Downloading and installing updates takes the lion’s share of the time. I don’t consider this process finished until there are no update notification either in the notification shade or at the Play store. By that time about an hour has passed and now it’s time to personalize the screens.

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Thanks Melissa! Did the phone arrive with helpful instructions to get it activated and set up? What did you mean that you are waiting for a Sim card?


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Seeing that there is clearly multiple ways of moving data from one phone to another…which one way is best for optimal performance? going from moto x2gen to samsung s7 galaxy…at the point I am at, the first app did not work…i am activating my new phone and and gmail account wants to move all apps (or uncheck) - do I want or need to bring all preinstalled apps over? if yes - can i delete later? (currently one cannot delete preinstalled apps) and yes because it brings all data attached with it? No…do not need to…will i lose data attached??

there no real preferred app for this as some of it is personal option

I use Google to store my contact on my google account my phone is always set to sync Google contacts

I use Google Photos to backup my pictures (this makes it easy to move to new phone as photos will already be on the cloud and allows me to keep space on my phone by removing the local copy

for apps I would let Google install all apps at setup (one can always remove apps that you do not want at a later date)

for texts If your using Republic anywhere (on old phone) then your last month text will be on Republic servers and will be sync to the new phone when you install and use Anywhere (if not or wanting more than 1 month there are several SMS backup apps on the play store (even the ones in this thread will do this)
SMS backup and Restore

I know some games apps need you to save off to their servers and then link the new phone to recover game files but most are doing this with the Google Ply Game app or linking to Facebook

I agree with @drm186, there really isn’t a preferred method with Android per se. Samsung would suggest its’ Smart Switch app:

My experience with Smart Switch has been mixed. You may find it works best via a USB connection rather than WiFi.


The issue at hand remains
When you add your gmail acct the next step is moving all or unselecting apps - is this important? can i delete apps once they are on my new phone, are they already on the phone? These are only preinstalled…I dont have third party but the one used to back up text messages.

You may choose to allow Google to restore your apps or not. It’s a matter of personal preference. My preference is to say no, then install apps individually from Google’s play store after the new phone is set up. I find it’s a good way to prune apps I’m no longer using. It’s also quite possible to allow Google to restore your apps, then delete those you don’t want from the new phone.

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any app not in the ROM can be removed (deleted) later
it’s only important id you have apps you want moved over to the new phone
a lot of apps (mainly Google and OEM’s apps) are reinstalled as part of the ROM these will be there no mater what you select during setup


I don’t believe one will find any Motorola apps on an S7. :slight_smile:

Some Google and Moto apps (for which there are already Samsung equivalents on the S7) would transfer and, perhaps, be redundant.

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Good point I was looking at the OP who was getting a Moto G5+


GMAIL/GOOGLE…as I stated

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Anything Google installs as a result of this process…were apps that you downloaded from the Play Store. You should be able to delete them at a later time.

My recommendation would be bring it over at the time of phone set up. You shouldn’t see any performance issues related to simply bringing over apps.

I dont have any third party apps…was wondering if the new phone has the google/gmail apps already preinstalled is it necessary…but the new phone wants to first piggyback migrate, or then gmail migrate…I was thinking of migrating from old phone over but cant access the migrate on the new phone for that…just trying to make this smooth and hassle free

Since you don’t have any 3rd party apps all you really need to do is activate the S7 and let Google restore your data. The S7 has everything you need (and more) going forward.

Basic Google Apps such as Chrome, Drive, Gmail, Google, Maps…should be pre-installed on your phone.

Thanks, I rebooted it just because it was stuck in creating a samsung account…just let it do its thing, and chose to “migrate” later

The S7 is a wonderful phone with several features you won’t find on your Motorola phone. What you see when you go to Settings is somewhat different. Lots of updates to apps and probably even the phone’s operating system will be installed. Just go with the flow.

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