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I dont have any third party apps…was wondering if the new phone has the google/gmail apps already preinstalled is it necessary…but the new phone wants to first piggyback migrate, or then gmail migrate…I was thinking of migrating from old phone over but cant access the migrate on the new phone for that…just trying to make this smooth and hassle free

Since you don’t have any 3rd party apps all you really need to do is activate the S7 and let Google restore your data. The S7 has everything you need (and more) going forward.

Basic Google Apps such as Chrome, Drive, Gmail, Google, Maps…should be pre-installed on your phone.

Thanks, I rebooted it just because it was stuck in creating a samsung account…just let it do its thing, and chose to “migrate” later

The S7 is a wonderful phone with several features you won’t find on your Motorola phone. What you see when you go to Settings is somewhat different. Lots of updates to apps and probably even the phone’s operating system will be installed. Just go with the flow.

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nothing beats having to install updates for the phone before even activating lol but might as well do it now…cannot wait i need better luck with RW and their phones

Sometime during the activation process choices have to be made. For example, Samsung might want to update the operating system while you are in the middle of activation. When this happens I let the activation finish before installing the upgrade.

One of the Samsung features I really like is SideSync. This is an app you install on both the phone and your PC which puts the phone’s screen on the PC’s screen. Once on the PC’s screen you can operate the phone with your mouse and keyboard. The connection between devices can be made over either WiFi or USB. I prefer using USB.

Can anyone point me to the forum for the Samsung Galaxy s7? It just rebooted from a system update and the phone is physically hot to the touch…I dont need issues already :frowning:

It is warm because it is working very hard. It will cool once these initial process have finished. Just be sure to maintain an adequate charge level.

its plugged in…thanks @billg

@pricelessme_ct let us know how the activation went.

I am on a bumpy road! Tickets have been generated :frowning:

I’m sorry to hear that. Do you want to discuss that with us here?

Started with the inability to text or use any cell service with no wifi…that was fixed with the *#
Then my solid wifi at work refused to connect due to unauthentication even though it was always working…
Samsung just installed apps I didn’t even request…not sure how that happened while not touching the phone at all…not even sure how to add samsung apps…sigh…thats it for the moment…
I have also requested RW make sure I am still on the same plan as I was and they have remained silent…

Samsung does install apps from time-to-time. No, you are not on the same plan you used to be on. The phone you had before (now known as a legacy model) was on either the 1.0 or 2.0 plans. All new phones are on the 3.0 plans. You can look at the 3.0 plans here: Affordable, No-Contract Cell Phone Plans | Republic Wireless

The WiFi authentication problem you are experiencing is almost always caused by not entering the password correctly. Entering passwords is kinda hard for me with the tiny keyboard, shaky fingers and poor eyesight. It is especially easy to miss a space inadvertently entered or forget to capitalize where that is necessary. since passwords are case sensitive. I always tap on the option to show the password and proofread it before submitting it.

So my issues continue right out of the gate and this is a response from one of the techs
Hi Kirsten, (ofcourse its Kristen not Kirsten lol)
Thanks for that information.
We’d like to ask if this happens at any other networks, such as your home network or a public one like a Starbucks or McDonalds (after accepting the terms and conditions)?
You can also give your work IT department ports to open in regards to ensure that you are connected properly.

  • Community Checklist - Phone, Internet and Routers
  • Some of the more common/universal settings which are important for calling over WiFi can be found under “ROUTER - General Info.” Specifically, check out the parts about disabling “SIP ALG” and the “Required Ports and Protocol”.
    If this has been done and is working correctly, it is your work wifi network most likely causing the issue as something must have changed.
    We can also try some other steps on your device, up to and including a factory reset, but this would be as far as we could go.

I am sorry I just activated this phone and already RW wants to attempt this…ugh thats what I have said from the beginning of time here…stop wanting to factory reset - find the issue and solve it

look at all the factory reset issues it creates as well

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