Getting burner numbers


I just tried the Burner app but it doesn’t accept RW numbers or the Sprint number either.
I occasionally need burner phone numbers for personal privacy.


Hi @ckh,

You might look at Hushed:

It also appears Burner will accept a Google Voice number for verification, in the event that helps.

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Thank you. It appears Hushed will do.

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Installed Husher but before it was even activated it blocked my incoming calls. I had to uninstall to get calls again. Don’t see how this will work for anyone.


Incoming calls to your Republic number were blocked after installing Hushed? It’s working perfectly fine for me on a Moto E4 Plus.


There may have been a conflict. I also had the Burner app installed. But calls did resume after I uninstalled Husher and rebooted. Now I’ve dropped both. I’ll try Husher by itself again tonight.


Husher is a typo, right? The name of the app you want is Hushed.


Yes, what you said. Thanks for the help. Spelling was never high on my list of priorities, and I no longer have many priorities left.

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