Getting connected

I have a motoG5 plus. I am hooked up to a wifi. The phone tells me that I am connected, however the icon in the upper left corner says that I am not connected. Answers?

This happens from time-to-time. Here are a couple of solutions:

  1. Turn WiFi off and then back on.

  2. Restart the phone.

The empty white arc indicates that you cannot use the WiFi for calls/text. This could be as a result

of the WiFi access point blocking the ports required for VoIP calls/text.

If you are not getting any internet connectivity then the WiFi network might require additional verification.

Go to Settings -> WiFi -> Tap on the name of the network (It should say saved under it)

This will come up with a pop-up



This should take you to the additional verification page. Once you have completed the extra verification

you should be able to use the WiFi.

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