Getting just outline of RW arc often


I’ve recently been noticing there’s often just the outline of Republic’s arc on my phone. I don’t know whether my Moto Z Play is actually disconnected from RW or the arc not being filled in sometimes is just a fluke. This can happen when my phone is near the 5GHz wi-fi source that is showing full strength. I have no problem using wi-fi on the phone for running Internet apps and getting updates. This isn’t a call or text problem since the GSM cell signal is strong in my house. But I do wonder if this is something on RW’s end or if I may have a phone problem.

When I started typing this message, the arc wasn’t filled in. Now it is.

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I’ve always found that to be normal on the 3.0 phones. It happens to my mother-in-law’s Moto G6 and her previous phone, an Alcatel A30. I just ignore it. Her Wi-Fi network is as good as it can be, and she has no problems. If it bothers her I’ll just turn off the Republic Wireless arc display.



The Republic Arc provides the status of the connection and it’s current capabilities.
Open, Filled in, green, blue or gray and additional verbiage the Notification that is behind the Status will provide quite a bit of information.
For details see:

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Good to know I’m not the only one having this problem.



Thanks, @jben. I know what the symbols mean, but am curious to know why there’s suddenly a switching back and forth between filled and unfilled arc. It may be very light gray, but it appears white to me. I have noticed the arc will often be filled in when I bring my sleeping phone back to life, but will then revert to just the outline after a couple of seconds.



Same issue here. Not a big deal. But noticing it more. Just raising a hand for the issue.



I don’t really view it as a problem. Just a status indication.



When the phone is sleeping for a period of time it will go into ‘Doze’ mode to preserve battery, here is a link to the Help Doc that explains that this shuts off the WiFi: What is Android's Doze Mode? – Republic Help



Yes, I already have Macrodroid set to wake the phone every 50 minutes. Having the RW arc frequently going into outline is a problem I’ve had for only the past 2 or 3 weeks. It rarely did it before then.



You may want to try the suggestion I provided to you above, download the Alternative Method per the writeup. Different devices fail differently



Thanks, @jben. Done. I hope it works.

EDIT: +16 hours and it seems to be working so far. Thanks for the suggestion.



If it does fail, providing a screen shot of the last couple pages of logs might help me figure out where I can improve it

  • To access logs in MacroDroid hit the :menu: Hamburg Menu in the App then "User Log’


I believe it’s fixed now. Thanks again.

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In order to save battery, I often turn my Moto G6 on airplane mode and then turn WiFi back on. When my phone is in that state, will it still turn off WiFi while in Doze mode?



I can’t find any mention of Doze not kicking in when in Airplane Mode + WiFi, but will test as soon as my MXP battery gets s bit more charge in it



Settings -> Wi-Fi -> select gear icon -> keep Wi-Fi on during sleep
seem to work for me (moto g4, Android 7)



When you place a RW phone in Airplane Mode, the RW App will indicate Airplane Mode, when you enable WiFi it will not change (excerpt below from See What are the Connectivity Status Notifications? – Republic Help)

Airplane Mode : Not connected to the cellular network

  • Airplane mode is enabled. This state is unaffected by WiFi being enabled and/or being connected for Republic calling.

As near as I can tell from running MacroDroid and checking its logs, it appears the Doze problem is still present and the current ‘fix’ still works

  • The only thing that I can say for sure is that if the phone is plugged in, it will not go into Doze Mode (and this is also documented by


If you you leave the phone idle and face up for at least 60 min then pick it up and watch the RW Status. If it is initially Open and then immediately goes Solid … it was dozing



This has been happening to me as well as the others in my family with RW phones. On my daughters, the arc is completely missing!



Hi @lisaw.ta82jx,

I believe what you’re describing for your daughters is explained here:


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