Getting just outline of RW arc often

She’d like to have the notification back. Quite frequently at school, the WIFI goes in and out. With the notification, she was able to know whether this was happening. Now she has no way of knowing. The notification is checked off in the settings, and yet she can never see it. One result of this is that she goes through data quickly because sometimes when the WIFI goes out, she needs to manually turn it off and on to get it to work again. Without having the notification, she is often not on WIFI without knowing it.

Hi @lisaw.ta82jx,

If completely missing check the Advanced settings in the RW app and notifications in the Phone Settings.

The white solid arc notification should remain viable unless you swipe down and clear the wordy notification is cleared or it changes to the white arc outline due to losing the WiFi connectivity. If its inadvertently cleared you can toggle WiFi and it will return.


Apart from the Republic arc, if you are connected to Wi-Fi without internet connectivity (or poor internet connectivity), the Wi-Fi symbol will look like this and you will be using cell data:


If you’re not connected to Wi-Fi at all you’ll see a 4G or LTE indication instead of a Wi-Fi radar.

The notification is checked off. I’ve checked and unchecked it and it never appears.

I had an open ticket about the problem, but gave up eventually because nothing worked.

I’ve seen the WIFI symbol completely full with no explanation point, and at the same time the republic wireless notification will show that I’m not fully connected. I’ve actually never seen the wifi symbol with an explanation point, only my cell symbol when I don’t have service.

The Republic arc and the Wi-Fi indicator have different status information. A list of the notifications indicated by the Republic arc can be found at:

The Republic arc can be accidentally swiped away as noted in the post referenced by @southpaw above:

Just to confirm, you have also looked to make sure RW notifications are not blocked in the Android Notification Settings of the phone? Some months ago I found that my RW app notifications and one or two others had some how been blocked without my input.


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As the OP and cbwahlstrom mentioned, the RW notification and the Android Network & Internet settings are often at odds with each other. Android says the phone is on wifi while the RW app says the phone is on the cell network. I try to conserve data so this is confusing. Will i use data? Or am i on WiFi? :slight_smile:

If you are unsure… you can simply enable the Data Freeze option in the RW app…that way the phone will not use cellular data. You can always toggle it off when you do need to use cellular data.