Getting Lost or Stolen Error when trying to activate the phone I previously used on Republic

HI, I’m getting an error when I try to activate my service on my phone that says the phone has been reported lost or stolen. I purchased my phone new from Amazon and used it previously on Republic. I switched to Google Fi, but I want to activate with you again. I think my phone is blocked somehow. Can anyone help please? No one has responded to ANY of my Help Tickets and I’m at my wits’ end. :frowning:

Hi @jessicak.qyy6fe

From what I understand if your phone was blacklisted as lost or stolen it would be your last carrier (Google Fi) doing it. I would contact Fi and see if your IMEI number is on their list.

Did you at anytime between then and now factory reset your phone?

No, I did not.

Fi said that my phone has not been reported lost or stolen. Thank you for that suggestion, it was super helpful, and it helped me realize the issue is with Republic.

Your best option would be to open a ticket and see if Republic can help you with this issue then.

And no factory reset means you didn’t accidentally trigger the Android theft lock.

Ticket opened just like that link shows you how a few hours ago, as well as a few over the weekend, and no response. Did I do something wrong that no one is responding?

That’s good to know. Thanks!

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Did you purchase a new SIM card for activation on Republic? You say that the phone was previously with Google Fi, and you haven’t factory reset the phone. Have you tried a carrier wipe (dial ##72786#)?

How come those dang asterisk never seem to show in those numbers?

Tickets are responded to within a business day generally, Mon-Fri.

Don’t create more than one ticket as that will slow down getting a response since it pushes your tickets to the back of the help line.

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I just did this. I am going to try activating my phone again.

Thank you so much, I had no idea. I really appreciate you.


Did a carrier wipe successfully, still get the “Bummer, this phone isn’t supported” message. :frowning: Thank you so much for the suggestion, though! I’ll keep trying stuff!

Perhaps you could tell us the make, model and Android build version of the firmware…
Also I assume you have updated to the latest Android version and the latest RW app?

Hi @jessicak.qyy6fe,

Welcome to our member Community, and thank you so very much for your interest in coming back to Republic. I’m sorry. What you’re experiencing is not optimal, and it’s something we’ve been working with our support agents to prevent, but it keeps happening quite by accident.

Whenever this activation error arises, a ticket is automatically created on your behalf. That ticket remains unseen by you until one of our specially-trained technicians is able to research the cause of the error and get in touch with you. That team works normal business hours, so a late Friday instance might not be seen until Monday, and depending on the team’s workload, may not get a response that day.

Meanwhile, however, it’s not uncommon for the member who is experiencing the issue to open a ticket. That means that even though you wouldn’t know it, you now have two tickets open.

Our policy in general is that we can’t work duplicate tickets and our triage agents must merge the newer ticket into the older one. Triage agents work very fast to make sure tickets get to the right teams as quickly as possible.

I’m sure you can already see where this is going. By merging your newer ticket(s) into the oldest one (which remains unseen to you until a technician can research it) you’re left with only closed tickets and no answer.

Our process requires that triage agents merge this special kind of ticket in the opposite direction - so the older, unseen ticket is closed and the newest ticket is open and can be worked quickly. Unfortunately, as I mentioned, triage agents work quickly and often do this merging without thinking about whether this is that one exception.

All that to say, I’m very sorry no one has contacted you yet! It’s something we’re aware is happening to members, and we remind our triage team daily that it mustn’t happen.

Is your phone still active with Fi? We do often see this issue with a phone that is active with Fi and is trying to activate with one of our CDMA SIM cards. The solution is to cancel with Fi first, wait about 20 minutes, then try to activate. But…

If you’re going to want to move your number back to Republic, I’ll need to get some guidance during business hours tomorrow, so please don’t take any action yet, because if you cancel with Fi, you’ll be forfeiting your number.

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Hi @jessicak.qyy6fe,

I have an update earlier than expected.

If you have one of our BYOP SIM cards from our online store available (it’s marked RW TRIPLE SIM) activate with that and then transfer your number to us.

Once that’s complete, you can move to the CDMA SIM card if needed for coverage.

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Hello, and thank you so much for your reply! I appreciate the explanation of all the processes and attention to detail here. I’m sorry that I put in so many tickets–I was so eager to get back to Republic. I now know better. Yes, my phone is still active on Fi and I am in fact trying to activate with CDMA SIM. If I cancel with Fi, their service remains active until my number is ported. I would love to keep my number, but I’m not super attached if we MUST forfeit it. Again, I am so grateful to you (all of you, really) for helping me through this.

And HOLY SMOKES that was fast! I will try this!


Honestly, there’s nothing here that was meant to be something you should take away as, “now I know better.” We have to figure out how to make sure the triage team can quickly recognize these special tickets, because this is definitely not your fault.

I’ll check in with you in the morning. Thanks for bringing this to our attention so clearly.

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